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When It Is Time to Replace Your House Siding

What can we help you find today?

  1. Missing Siding
  2. Pest Damage
  3. Maintenance Issues 
  4. Fading Color
  5. Bubbles or Blistering 
  6. Signs of Rot 
  7. Replace Your Siding With Opal Enterprises

You will need to replace your siding at some point in your home ownership journey, and how long your siding lasts will depend on various factors. Fiber cement siding lasts longer than other materials, especially when you choose James Hardie products. The climate in Des Plaines is another factor in how long your siding will last.

Since your siding is the first line of defense against the weather, it also takes the worst of the beating. Determining when it is the right time to change your siding is challenging, but you should do an annual inspection to look for any problem areas and then call Opal Enterprises for a replacement. 

Missing Siding

A clear sign that something is amiss with your home is missing siding. Loose siding is also a negative sign. When there is excessive moisture, pests and other hazards can arise. 

Water damage and critters will lead to several other issues in your Des Plaines home. 

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Pest Damage

If you see that pests are an ongoing problem, you must replace your siding. Rodents, termites, and woodpeckers damage your siding, causing additional stress. 

When you choose your new siding, you should find one unattractive to critters. Fiber cement is an excellent choice, especially over wood. 

Maintenance Issues 

Most siding is low maintenance requiring bi-annual or annual cleaning, but when that life cycle begins to shorten, there is an underlying issue with your home. When maintenance becomes excessive, it is time to replace your siding. 

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Fading Color

Your siding will fade with time, and that can be a sign that you must start making some decisions regarding your home. 

Fading siding doesn’t mean you need to replace it tomorrow, but it is a sign that you need to start planning for it. 

Bubbles or Blistering 

If your siding has bubbles or blisters, you must repair or refinish it. The damage can spread to other areas making it a more significant project. You will need to replace your siding with a durable material eventually. 

Signs of Rot 

The weather is relentless in the midwest, and extreme weather can damage siding over time. Rain and snow are notorious for leading to rot, especially in wood siding. 

During your annual siding inspection, look for areas with water damage or decay that can go beyond the siding. The rot that goes past your siding can be signs of structural damage requiring a consultant and additional remodeling.  

Replace Your Siding With Opal Enterprises

Your siding has practical and aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, when the weather and other factors damage your siding, it will also take away from your curb appeal, making some Des Plaines homeowners dread coming home. 

You will likely only replace your siding once and must do it correctly. You must ensure you’re working with a reputable contractor and choosing the right materials.

Opal Enterprises has decades of experience helping Des Plaines homeowners, and we know what will look good and perform well on your home. Visit our Des Plaines showroom to replace your siding.