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What to Expect During a Siding Project

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What to Do to Prepare What Happens Before Construction Begins? How Long Will the Process Take?  Why You Should Contact Opal Enterprises 

A siding project is not something that every homeowner will experience. Many homeowners will undergo this process just once. When homeowners need new siding on their homes, they are unaware of how the process works and what to expect when crews arrive. 

Please note that a remodeling project of any kind is a partnership. You must address questions with your contractor when you have questions or concerns. 

Similarly, as a top contractor in St. Charles, IL, Opal Enterprises will work with our homeowners to ensure they understand how the process works and are comfortable with our crews. 

What to Do to Prepare

There are several ways that someone can prepare for a siding project. Look around your property and ensure that crews can use a couple of outlets. While checking your outlets, remove any items near your exterior walls so that they do not become damaged during construction. 

If you have any items on your walls, remove them. The walls will likely shake, causing items to fall. You do not want pictures and other valuables falling off the wall. 

Many homeowners work from home. And if that applies to you, you should make alternative arrangements. While the crew is not inside the house, construction of any kind is loud, and the outside noise will penetrate the wall. 

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What Happens Before Construction Begins?

A few days before the siding project begins, a dumpster and several materials will arrive at your home. If you require a dumpster, make space in your driveway and inform the crew where it goes. While the street is an option in some places, not all municipal codes will allow dumpsters on the road. 

How Long Will the Process Take? 

The amount of time that a project will take varies. Day one is establishing workstations and removing the siding. The crew can work on siding removal in pieces or take off all the sidings at once. While most crews will clean up as they go along and at the end of each day, there will still be a substantial mess for the length of the project. 

It is best for homeowners to avoid being at the construction site, as nails and other hazards can be present. While the team is removing the siding, they may encounter unexpected issues that require additional repairs. 

The last step is to install the new siding. Depending on your home, there are different timelines, but most projects take eight to 15 days. Many factors can extend this time, from the size of your home to the weather.  

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Why You Should Contact Opal Enterprises 

Opal Enterprises believe that we must work as partners for a successful siding project. Homeowners should be vocal about their needs and empathetic to our team. It is also essential for homeowners to be patient, as many unexpected issues arise on construction projects. 

Contractors are also responsible for working with homeowners every step of the way. When you are ready to partner on a siding project in St. Charles, IL, contact us or visit one of our showrooms. We will be prepared and communicative, welcoming any questions you have.