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What Should I Know About House Window Glass?

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  1. Glazing of the Glass
  2. The Panes in the Window
  3. Air Space
  4. Low Emissivity Glass 
  5. Opal Enterprises and Andersen Windows 

When shopping for new windows for your Darien home, you have to make many choices that come with new terminology. Many homeowners are confused by so many options and how they will impact their homes. We work with various manufacturers, including Andersen windows

The Opal team is aware of these terms, features, and choices, and we can help Darien homeowners choose the best options for their homes. Visit one of our showrooms to see for yourself.  

Glazing of the Glass

One term you will hear and have to decide upon is glazing. What is often confusing is there are two meanings for the term. The first is a reference to the glass in the window or door. 

The second is the installation process for the glass in a window or door. It is usually synonymous with window glass. It will come up when you are choosing your initial window glass. When discussing glazing, make sure you know which is the best option for you. 

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The Panes in the Window

The sheet of glass you use will also come up as an option and is referred to as a pane. There are single, dual, and triple-pane options. A single pane glass includes one sheet between the interior and exterior. Single pane is not insulated and is often found in older homes. A dual or double pane has two sheets with some space in between. With new building codes, it is the most popular option you will see. 

Triple pane is available in specific windows. Andersen A and E series windows are compatible with triple-pane glass. It will have one more pane than dual-pane windows with more air space. It is the most energy-efficient glass available. Davien homes can benefit from these options because of the harsh weather. 

Air Space

Air space helps with insulation in your home. We have already mentioned this term when speaking about panes. You will see this on single and double-pane windows. That is a vital feature during the winter. 

There are other options to increase your insulation further. You can also order windows with high-altitude capillary breathing tubes or air fill. These options can alleviate some of the pressure in the window. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Low Emissivity Glass 

All Andersen windows come with Low-E glass. Many Davien homeowners do not even notice them. This feature is a thin and transparent coating on the glass. It reflects heat away from your windows, making your home comfortable during all seasons. 

There are different coating upgrades you can choose that can boost the performance of your individual needs. 

Opal Enterprises and Andersen Windows 

While these are the basic terms you can stay aware of when buying new windows, many others can arise. You want the best for your Darien home, which has many choices. You must consider your family, house age, and the weather. 

Your budget is also another consideration. You must also consider the grille, colors option, and energy-saving features. Darien homeowners can benefit by visiting our showroom to see windows in person and discuss these and other features. Call us today for more information.