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What Is the Return on Investment With New Windows for My Aurora, IL, Home?

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There are several reasons why homeowners remodel their homes; however, one of the main reasons is to increase the value of their homes. One of the ways that many homeowners increase the value of their homes is through the installation of new windows. Windows are one of the most expensive investments that a homeowner can instill into their home. Still, some Aurora, IL, homeowners are concerned about whether they will see a return on their investment.

What Is the Return on Investment With New Windows?

Because windows can come in different materials, sizes, and styles, the value of the windows will range. For example, the value of wood replacement windows would range from about $20,000 with a return on investment of 67.4 percent. This value is different from the value of vinyl replacement values, which has a value of $19,385 with a return on investment of 68.6 percent.

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Location Is Important

One factor that plays an integral role in the return on investment with new windows is the homeowner’s residence. For example, if you are a homeowner in the Chicagoland area, you would expect to pay between $19,457 to $23,325 for your new windows, depending on the materials and upgrades. You would also expect to see between a 68 to 69 percent return on your investment.

Window and Frame Designs

Another factor determining your return on investment with new windows is the type of frame and window you decide to use. Some materials are more energy-efficient than others, which helps many homeowners to reduce their energy bills. Windowpanes and frames that assist with energy efficiency help to increase the value of a home, leading to a higher return on investment. For example, fiberglass frames are high-quality frames that are durable and weather-resistant.

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The Number of Windows You Replace

The return on investment that you may see from your new windows also depends on the number of windows you plan to replace. Many homeowners do not replace their windows unless they have to. The average cost of a window replacement ranges between $300 to $1,000 per window.

Other factors like the type of material you plan to use can increase the window replacement cost. Still, some homeowners may contemplate cutting corners and searching to see how many windows can be fixed with alternative repairs. It is important to remember that you will want to use the same materials for all of your new windows to get the highest return on your investment.

The Style of the Windows

Another factor that will help you receive the highest return on your investment is the type of style that you choose for your new windows. You want to keep in mind that the style you choose should complement your home to the best of its ability.

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