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What Is the Best Vinyl Window Warranty?

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Whether your vinyl windows are financed or paid for through your own money, you want to protect your investment as much as possible. What better way to protect your investment than to include warranty coverage? A warranty is an excellent way for contractors to prove their credibility and provide customers with peace of mind. If something unfortunate happens to your Arlington Heights, IL, vinyl windows during or after the installation is complete, you can rest assured that you have options for repair and replacement through a warranty.

Looking for the Best Vinyl Window Warranty in Arlington Heights, IL

When shopping for the best vinyl window warranty, what signs show that you have the best warranty? Because windows are one of the most expensive investments you can make as a homeowner, you want to know what to look for in a window warranty. For example, some homeowners notice the word “lifetime” in a lifetime warranty and assume that repairs on the vinyl windows will be done for the rest of the homeowner’s lifetime. Instead, lifetime applies to the lifetime of the product. Because of this easy misunderstanding, you want to specifically ask the contractor what period the manufacturer considers when referring to “lifetime.”

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

One standard warranty that many window contractors offer is the limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers specific damages that impact the aesthetic or performance of the vinyl window for a certain amount of time. However, some of these warranties will not cover the costs of labor, even if they cover replacing the damaged part of the windows. For example, the warranty will cover the cost of the window but will not cover the costs of having the new window installed.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the ideal types of warranty is the lifetime warranty. Under this type of warranty, every aspect of the window is covered for either the lifetime of the windows or for a specific amount of time. Some warranties cite a period between ten, 15, and 20 years.

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Labor Warranty

Some lifetime or limited lifetime warranties separate coverage for labor costs from coverage for window damage. In this case, some contractors also offer an individual labor warranty for window installation. This type of warranty covers any damages from poor installation and usually covers labor for a certain amount of years. Examples of labor warranties include glass breakage, hardware, and moving parts, internal blinds, screens, and transferability. Some of the common periods that labor warranties offer for coverage are up to five years.

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Are you looking for the best window warranty for your Arlington Heights, IL home? If so, Opal Exteriors offers the best window warranty for your home improvement needs. We understand the particularities of each window type and adapt the installation process accordingly. Call one of our offices in Naperville or Des Plaines to schedule an appointment for an estimate, or complete a contact form today. We offer a Lifetime Labor Warranty for all windows & Doors that we install (for as long as the purchasing homeowner lives in the home).