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What house colors look good with pink flowers?

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  1. The Blues
  2. Stone
  3. Any Shades of Gray

Pretty in pink landscaping can look even better with the right house color and siding choices. Choosing a house color is a big decision, and a great way to decide is by what landscaping you are pairing it with. If your landscape has some pinks you want to show off, then cool colors are probably the way to go.

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The Blues

Blues and pinks are an enticing color pairing. They enhance each other and add excitement to both the landscape and the home.
If you are going with new siding, then check out James Hardie Siding. There are several pre-finished color options for long lasting baked on color. James Hardie Siding comes in Boothbay Blue, Evening Blue, Light Mist, and the new Deep Ocean. If your exterior is in good condition, then paint is a quick way to incorporate blue, or even just accent your exterior with blue trim. If you are looking for a specific color match, then check out

White houses pair well with just about anything, and pink flowers really add to the curb appeal. You can’t go wrong with pink flowers against the backdrop of a classic white siding or stucco. James Hardie Siding in Arctic White is a popular choice if you are going with a complete siding replacement, which also comes in stucco panels.


Stone walls and stone siding are a fabulous way accentuate the pink in your landscaping.
If you are in the market for a siding replacement and want the look of stone without masonry, then you can get this look and feel with stone veneer. Many stone veneers are made of recycled stone, and are nearly indistinguishable from real stone walls.


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Any Shades of Gray

From gray siding to light gray stucco, pink trees and flowers will always pop with a gray background.