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What are some fun ways to make a home more inviting?

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Share the flowers Dare to be different


Share the flowers


At this inviting home in Chicago, a friendly neighbor is sharing their green thumb on a hot summer day 🙂

Your neighbors will love you! Is your garden overflowing? Why not share the love. It’s good to keep your garden breathing by thinning it out once in a while. There’s no sense in letting those beauties go to waste. Let everyone know your home is friendly and inviting by setting up a little flower sharing stand!

Dare to be different


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What’s inviting about an exterior with nowhere to sit? Make sure people know they are welcome to stay a while by adding plenty of seating. Add comfortable seating near all of your entry points. Face chairs inward to encourage conversation and eye contact. Add colorful cushions for a cozy atmosphere. Bonus, seating can be a decoration too!