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What Are Custom Window Sizes in Batavia, IL?

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  1. What Are the Custom Window Sizes?
  2. Benefits of Customized Windows
  3. Additional Choices for Functions
  4. Better Quality With a Custom Window
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As a Batavia, IL, homeowner, you love variety. You want your home to represent your style, not the same thing found in any one of your neighbor’s homes. This applies to the color of your home and every home improvement project, from the doors to the windows. 

If you are looking to replace your home’s windows, consider yourself lucky. You can decide the type of window materials you want for your replacement windows and determine if you’re going to customize the sizes of your windows.

What Are the Custom Window Sizes?

With many windows, homeowners can order custom window sizes or standard windows. Standard windows are mass-produced windows and are often already available in the manufacturer’s inventory. 

On the other hand, custom windows are windows that the company must precisely manufacture for your window openings. With custom windows, a contractor must come out to collect the measurements of your windows and use those measurements to design your customized windows.

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Benefits of Customized Windows

At Opal Enterprises, one of our biggest strengths is customizing the windows of a home. There are many benefits to customizing your windows. One of the most significant benefits is ensuring that your windows accurately fit into your window openings. One of the biggest misconceptions about standard windows is that these types of windows can fit into all window openings. 

It is almost similar to shopping for clothes with a “one size fits all” motto. Just because a window is constructed with a specific size in mind does not mean that the window will not need additional adjustments to fit inside the window’s opening accurately.

Additional Choices for Functions

Another benefit of customized windows is that you, as the homeowner, have additional opportunities to include different functions in your windows. 

With a standard window, what you see is what you get. That means that any other features like locking systems, frame colors, and screen types will be considered an additional expense if you are not happy with the typical design of the standard window. 

However, throughout the manufacturing process, you have the opportunity to change or add any functional features you want when designing your customized windows.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Better Quality With a Custom Window

Unlike standard windows, customized windows are created for a specific project. They are not sitting and collecting dust within a warehouse. Contractors also can focus on the quality of customized windows when designing them. Because these windows are not mass-produced, contractors can take their time constructing the windows and improving on any mistakes made.

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Are you looking to add customized windows to your Batavia, IL home? If so, you have found the best team for your home improvement needs in Opal Exteriors. Windows aren’t all one shape. They’re often unique to the home, and they can come in many different sizes and materials. 

Our professional window contractors can work with all types of windows to fit your needs. Call one of our offices in Batavia to schedule an appointment for an estimate, or complete a contact form today.