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What are Andersen Fibrex 100-Series windows?

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  1. Sustainability - Efficiency - Durability - Style
  2. Environmentally Friendly
  3. Energy Efficient
  4. Low-Maintenance and Durable
  5. Stylish Design


Sustainability – Efficiency – Durability – Style

Andersen 100-Series windows are made with a revolutionary composite material called Fibrex. Andersen Corporation patented this innovative material in 1992. It is a game changer in the window market. The Fibrex material is eco-friendly, energy efficient, strong, low-maintenance, affordable, and beautiful. Andersen manufactures several different series of windows. The 100-Series utilizes specialty window frames made entirely of the Fibrex material.

Infographic for Andersen Fibrex 100-Series Windows by Opal Enterprises

Environmentally Friendly

The composite is made up of 40 percent wood fiber, primarily reclaimed, and 60 percent thermoplastic polymer, which is also partly reclaimed material. The finished Fibrex material can also be reclaimed for further sustainability. The Fibrex material is low VOC due to it’s strength and low maintenance qualities. It doesn’t need any chemical preservatives, wood treatments, or paint. Andersen 100-Series windows are an environmentally responsible window choice.

Energy Efficient

The Fibrex window frame isn’t only strong, it’s highly energy efficient. It insulates about 700 times better than aluminum. Combine the Fibrex frame with Andersen’s exceptional manufacturing and low-e glass, and you have an immensely energy efficient window.

Low-Maintenance and Durable

The Fibrex material is designed to combine the strength of wood with low maintenance qualities similar to vinyl & fiberglass. Andersen Fibrex window frames won’t peel, flake, blister, rot, or fade. Fibrex frames are two times stronger than vinyl.

Stylish Design

Like all Andersen Windows, Fibrex 100-Series windows are beautiful. They have all the right stylish accents, grid choices, and stylish color options. Due the the Fibrex material, their beauty is long lasting. They don’t need painting or re-finishing like wood windows. With Andersen 100-Series windows, you can expect reliably stylish windows for many years.