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The Importance of a Contractor Labor Warranty



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  1. What Is a Warranty?
  2. What Does a Contractor Labor Warranty Cover?
  3. What Are the Terms of a Labor Warranty?
  4. How Do You File a Labor Warranty Claim?
  5. Do You Need a Labor Warranty?
  6. Learn More About Our Lifetime Labor Warranty

Many remodeling companies offer a labor warranty before they begin a construction project. What’s the importance of a contractor labor warranty, and should warranty terms influence your decision about hiring a company to handle exterior renovations in Illinois?

A contractor labor warranty – or workmanship warranty – is a binding promise about the overall quality of the work done on your property. Generally, this kind of warranty allows you to seek help from the contractor who worked on your home if a problem arises after they finish the work.

Our team at Opal Enterprises can provide more details about these warranties. Find out more with our Naperville exterior home renovations team by calling or completing our online contact form. 

What Is a Warranty?

We find it best to define what a warranty is in order to understand why a contractor labor warranty is essential when undertaking a home improvement project. A warranty is any representation made by one party that another can and will rely on.

Simply put, it promises that a company will perform a job in a certain way, making it very important. Some common warranties found in home improvement and construction contracts include a plans and specifications warranty, a materials warranty, and a workmanship warranty, also called a labor warranty.

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What Does a Contractor Labor Warranty Cover?

A labor warranty safeguards homeowners who want reassurance that if anything goes wrong with their home improvement project, the contractor will promptly remedy the issue.  A contractor’s labor warranty covers only the installation work. 

A labor warranty is invaluable because no matter how well-engineered a product is, it won’t look or perform as designed unless installed correctly. In fact, the way contractors install a product can also affect its lifespan.

How Does a Labor Warranty Differ from a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

A manufacturer warranty – or material warranty – covers the product that contractors install. For example, a company like Andersen may provide a manufacturer warranty for the windows it makes and sells. 

This kind of warranty would allow you to seek compensation from the manufacturer if the product showed signs of a latent defect or severe issue within the period of time covered by the terms of the warranty, allowing you to make a claim for breach of warranty.

On the other hand, labor warranties deal directly with the quality of the work done to install the product. Both types of warranties can provide comprehensive coverage during a construction project.

What Are the Terms of a Labor Warranty?

A labor warranty provides you with coverage against improper installation. The exact protection offered by the warranty will depend on the terms of the agreement, so you should read them carefully before signing any papers. 

The terms of your warranty may cover:

The Time Period for the Warranty

It’s essential to review the warranty to understand the warranty period. Some contractors offer a basic one-year period of protection on their work. It’s important to note that some experienced contractors offer five-year labor warranties, extending the period for correction.

Our team at Opal Enterprises offers a lifetime labor warranty on our window and door installation projects. We provide five-year workmanship warranties on siding installation and other projects to back up the quality of our work to property owners.

By comparison, a manufacturer product warranty usually covers failures or defects, and coverage can range from 10 to 30 years. Before committing to any project, review the details of a contractor’s labor warranty, paying special attention to what it covers and the coverage period.

The Limitations That Apply to the Warranty

Understanding your warranty limitations will help you manage expectations. After all, while it would be ideal if your warranty covers everything, that’s just not realistic. Also, be mindful that many contractors will cover repairs only up to a certain amount.

Still, a reputable contractor should be able to offer a limited warranty that covers a wide range of common issues as well as issues related to the specific types of products the contractor installs.

When the Warranty Becomes Valid

Your warranty terms may also provide information about how much work contractors have to finish before the warranty becomes official. For example, some warranties apply after substantial completion of the work.

Substantial completion means the work on your home isn’t finished yet, but it’s reached a usable point. Final completion, on the other hand, means that the contractor finished the project entirely, resolving any issues. 

Make sure that you assess the warranty document carefully to ensure you understand these regulations.

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How Do You File a Labor Warranty Claim?

In order to file a warranty claim, you first need to determine the root cause of your problem. If defective materials represent the cause for concern, you must submit paperwork to the manufacturing company for most standard warranties.

However, if the problem exists due to a mistake during installation, you’ll have to contact the contractor that installed the material. Most contractors have online forms to submit warranty claims. 

Remember, you may also call for further assistance if you have questions about using your warranty agreement. 

Do You Need a Labor Warranty?

Reputation contractors in Illinois will offer you a labor warranty of some kind, providing you with protection and backing up the quality of their work. Regardless of the quality of the company’s reputation, mistakes happen, and warranties protect you at no additional cost. 

These legal documents play a very important role in ensuring that you can feel confident about the results of your renovation project.

Learn More About Our Lifetime Labor Warranty

Renowned throughout the Chicagoland area for workmanship excellence, Opal Enterprises backs its door and window installations with a lifetime labor warranty. We’re committed to improving homes through expert craftsmanship and understand the importance of a contractor labor warranty.

As an experienced contractor dedicated to providing wonderful remodeling experiences, we install top-tier replacement windows in every conceivable style, as well as beautiful entry and patio doors that provide exceptional weather protection.

For more information about our low-risk, high-value exterior remodeling services and our workmanship guarantee, contact Opal Enterprises today. You can call or fill out our online contact form