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Squirrely Squirrel gets the munchies for siding

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  1. Yes, Really!


Yes, Really!

We had recently installed siding on a home in Lisle and got word from the homeowner shortly after that a squirrel had chewed up a few boards. This was very strange news. Now, this isn’t your average siding. It’s James Hardie fiber cement siding, not an easy thing to chew on! We’ve never heard of this happening with other homes. Can’t imagine it was very appetizing. Perhaps Mr. Squirrel thought he buried a nut in there!

The squirrel didn’t get very far, but the damage was done…

This squirrel got a little hungry

Take a bite our of siding

The damaged boards are being replaced and homeowner found a great solution to the pesky squirrel, good old hot pepper spray. The squirrel has not returned. Lets hope he doesn’t continue his craving for James Hardie siding!

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