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Save a Cedar Tree by Choosing James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

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Yes! You can achieve the look of natural cedar on your home without using cedar siding.

James Hardie siding From Streetscapes, Atlanta, Georgia, South

James Hardie Siding comes in a few different styles that can replicate the look of real wood planks and shake! It’s a sustainable siding material that’s even more durable than wood. James Hardie siding is made of fiber cement which is a blend of cement, sand, water, and around 10% cellulose pulp. While it does contain cellulose pulp, which originated from wood, it’s a small percentage and it’s responsibly sourced. Cellulose pulp is normally made of wood by-products, sawmill residue, soft woods, fiber crops, and recycled paper.  Some of the James Hardie siding ingredients are recycled materials, and the siding itself can be recycled up to 4 times! You’re going to save a whole lot of cedar trees by choosing James Hardie siding with many other benefits.

Chestnut Brown Cedarmill Plank by James Hardie

Chestnut Brown Cedarmill Plank by James Hardie – The Cedarmill texture beautiful resembles natural cedar siding texture.

HardieShingle Straight Edge Panel, 7" exposure, Iron Gray OTW product shoot by Lee Hickman on 7/16/2012

HardieShingle Straight Edge Panel, 7″ exposure, Iron Gray – A classic wood shake look without the wood!

Choosing James Hardie fiber cement is a smart choice.

James Hardie Siding is

  • Beautiful!
  • Resistant to rot & insects, much better than cedar.
  • Doesn’t require any wood chemical treatments.
  • Very Long Lasting
  • Naturally Fire Resistant
  • Durable in Harsh Weather
  • Responsibly Sourced, Local & Sustainable

Save a Cedar – Plant Hardie on Your House!

James Hardie Siding on home renovated in Wheaton Illinois



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