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Price Comparing Window Companies With an Online Quote Only

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  1. Inaccurate and Inconsistent Window Measurements
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Window Company Presentation
  4. Get to Know the Installer
  5. Homeowners Cannot Ask Questions Online
  6. Trust The Opal Enterprises Window Installers

Wilmette homeowners believe they can get accurate online quotes about their windows. While there are online estimate calculators, these are inaccurate and unreliable for many reasons. Homeowners should avoid taking measurements, submitting them online for quotes, and basing their decision on that. 

When several contractors are vying for the same job and cost is the determining factor, some companies will cut out certain aspects to get you to choose them. For an accurate estimate, visit an Opal Enterprises showroom.

Inaccurate and Inconsistent Window Measurements

Homeowner measurements are often inaccurate and inconsistent because they do not consider all of the crucial aspects of the window. 

Measurements are only one aspect of your window installation project. Wilmette homeowners do some research online, but it often does not include other essentials we need for a price point. 

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Needs Assessment

Another essential element to consider for your windows replacement is a needs assessment which you cannot accomplish by solely providing measurements. Our team must go to the property and look for pain points in the window and surrounding frame.

We must also assess the frame’s health and determine the installation method necessary for the job. All of these factors are vital to an accurate window installation estimate. 

Window Company Presentation

The window company cannot present its services and materials when getting an online quote. Looking at a base price does not give homeowners an idea of what the job will entail, the materials they can choose from, and the colors available. 

There are other services that window installation companies offer that are essential to your installation, and an online estimate does not suffice. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Get to Know the Installer

Price is a focus for many homeowners in Wilmette, but it is not the only factor. When deciding on a contractor, you must find someone you feel comfortable with. When you come to an Opal showroom, our team can explain how Opal is different, our warranty options, and the various window customizations you can choose from. 

You will see how family-oriented our business is and how we care for customers. You cannot get these benefits when you look for quotes online. 

Homeowners Cannot Ask Questions Online

Looking online for estimates eliminates in-person contact and means you cannot ask questions. There are several must-ask questions Wilmette homeowners should consider when looking for a window installation company. Some of those questions are:

  • Do you carry workers comp insurance
  • Do you have general liability insurance 
  • Will you provide a written lien waiver 
  • Will you pull all required building permits
  • Do you guarantee your work 
  • Who is in charge of the job 
  • Do you have written references
  • How do you handle debris and other dirt

There are fundamental questions you must ask, but many others will come up as you research contractors. Having a point of contact that can answer these questions makes the process easier. 

Trust The Opal Enterprises Window Installers

Discuss your window installation project with our team at our Des Plaines showroom. We base our prices on ethical practices. We also want Wilmette homeowners to get a fair pricing. Call Opal Enterprises today.