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Popular Vinyl Siding Colors

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  1. Why Vinyl Siding? 
  2. What Colors Are Available?
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Tucked away southwest of Downtown Chicago, Homer Glen residents enjoy access to the city while enjoying suburban lifestyles. The township is unique because it sits within two counties. While this is a notable factor, it also makes construction projects confusing if you don’t have the right contractor. 

Opal Enterprises knows exactly what Homer Glen residents are looking for when it comes to home upgrades and how to work with the city for the appropriate permits. And if your home remodeling project includes new siding, we can help by showing you popular vinyl siding colors in Homer Glen.

Why Vinyl Siding? 

The most popular type of exterior cladding in Homer Glen is vinyl siding due to its versatility. You can mold the vinyl into any shape, and it is weather-resistant, offering protection from tornadoes. 

There is little to no maintenance for vinyl siding, and it is adaptable to every climate, which is vital since we get all four seasons. You can find vinyl siding in various lengths to accommodate all home sizes. 

Your home will stand out with unique vinyl siding that fits your style and stands out from the crowd. Vinyl siding can withstand winds up to 190 mph and is extra thick to resist dents and other damage. There is also a locking system that tightens under pressure, so your siding is sure to stand no matter how the weather changes. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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What Colors Are Available?

Depending on the manufacturer, there are different color options available. Ply Gem has 18 standard colors and 12 premium color options for Homer Glen homeowners. 

The most popular vinyl color options from Ply Gem are Linen, Silver Gray, Quiet Willow, and Cape Cod Gray. You can choose a color and then opt for a woodgrain or smooth finish, and matching accessories are available.

Further enhancing the aesthetic and durability is the UV protection feature that makes colors more vibrant and offers protection from the sun. Additionally, a thermal bonding process is used for weather resistance and color retention. This added protection ensures there is long-term wearability. 

Ply Gem and Opal Enterprises

Opal Enterprises partners with Ply Gem to install Mastic vinyl siding on Homer Glen houses. We can replace an entire exterior with Mastic cladding products and vinyl siding. Since you can use the same materials from the same manufacturer, there are no color matching or consistency discrepancies. 

Opal is a part of the Mastic Preferred Contractor Program. Our involvement in the program means we have masterful skills and knowledge of the products and installation process. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Speak to Opal Enterprises 

When you work with Opal, we have a project consultant who will help you choose from the range of color options and visualize how it will look in your home. 

If you cannot find the perfect color, we can also work to make a custom color. Custom colors do have one caveat: they must be vinyl safe. Pricing for vinyl siding is affordable, and you do not skip on style and comfort for the price. 

Contact us by phone or online today, or visit the Opal Enterprises Naperville showroom and take a look at vinyl siding in person. Opal sales staff is here to help you find the best material, manufacturer, and color options for your Homer Glen home.