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Picking the Right Window for a Palatine, IL, Remodeling Project

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  1. The Style of Window
  2. The Efficiency of the Window
  3. The Window Glazing
  4. Temperature Control Features
  5. Protection Offered by the Window
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Remodeling your windows can be a fun renovation project. There are many decisions to make when deciding on the right kind of window for your home, from the style of the window to its ability to control the temperature. 

With all the options available, what are some easy ways to decide on the perfect window for your remodeling project? Here are some options that can help you choose the best window for your Palatine, IL, home.

The Style of Window

The style of a window can assist with the aesthetic and functionality of the home. If you want to add a traditional look to your home, sash windows are the ideal style. If you want windows that help you enjoy your view better, picture windows or casement windows are the way to go. 

If you’re going to add architectural style, specialty shape windows would be the best option. It depends on your style and the effect you want for your home.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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The Efficiency of the Window

The window’s ability to reserve energy will help the homeowner in the long run. Having energy-efficient windows helps reduce the number of money homeowners spend on heating and cooling the home. 

Energy efficiency is also a unique selling point if the homeowner plans to move in the future. When determining the energy efficiency of a window, search for the window’s U-factor. A general rule of thumb is that the lower the U-factor of a windowpane, the more slowly heat will pass through.

The Window Glazing

In addition to the style of the window, another important decision is the type of glazing you want to install. Window glazing refers to the glass inside of a window. The more panes inside a glass, the better insulated the window will be. 

Window glazing can be single-glazed with one pane, double-glazed with two panes, and triple-glazed with three panes. The most common windows are double-glazed windows.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Temperature Control Features

How cool or how warm the homeowner wants to keep the home is another factor to consider when choosing the perfect window. For example, French windows facing the southern direction of the house can make the house’s rooms feel stuffy during the summer. Windows that contain glazing with low e-coating can help reduce the heat from the outside to the inside.

Protection Offered by the Window

The materials that the windows are made of will determine the window’s durability. Most windows are composed of regular, laminated, and toughened glass. 

Windows that are made with laminated glass, for example, are more sustainable than windows made with standard glass that is easily breakable. Out of the three types of glass, toughened glass is the strongest type.

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