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Mix and Match Siding and Stone for Your Home

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You want a classic stone look to your home, but you also want durable siding. Many Tinley Park homeowners think they have to choose, but you can mix and match stone and vinyl siding. You can also match stone with fiber cement. 

Mixing and matching these products allows you to create a custom look for your home that expresses your personality. When homeowners realize they have options, many questions arise, and we are here to explain the best way to combine stone and siding. Opal Enterprises offers design assistance throughout the siding process. 

Choose Your Stone

First, you must decide where you want your stone and find a profile that suits that space. Smaller areas look best with small stone profiles. 

The opposite applies to larger areas. Large stone options include field stone or cut cobblestone, while smaller sizes can be ledge stones. 

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Choose Stone Characteristics

After you choose the stone profile, you get to move on to the fun stuff with various customization options. You will want to select a color that matches your home and overall aesthetic. 

True slack is an excellent option for modern styles, while horizontal stones look good on prairie homes. Decide the look you are going for, and then find the stone to match. 

Find Your Siding Color

You can choose your siding color before your stone, but for best results, you can take colors from the stone. Use the stone you choose to find the siding color that will look best. Look at the prominent color in the stone so you can find a siding color. 

Remember, you won’t be able to tell the exact color from the street, so it doesn’t have to be a perfect match. Get a siding color that is close to the stone. You can also choose a darker stone color for some designs but not on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

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Determine Your Secondary Color 

Your stone will have several colors, so if you choose the darkest color for your siding, you should find a secondary color for accents. The secondary color will apply to your trim, body color, and other accents. 

Mix and match and try different things until you find the color scheme that makes your home stand out. When mixing and matching, it is essential to see the features in other lights, so take your samples outside. 

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Remove Your Old Stone and Brick and Get New Siding

After you find the perfect match, you can begin your installation process. There is one step before that. 

Opal Enterprises offers Tinley Park homeowners the convenience of removing their old siding, brick, and stone before we install the new one. Focus on the design, and we will focus on the rest. 

Opal Can Offer You Design Assistance

When you are ready to implement new siding onto your home and want to mix and match, you have many design choices. 

The Opal Enterprises team is here to help you find the best match for your Tinley Park home. Visit one of our showrooms to see your design options in person.

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