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Lead Testing Your Project and Why It Is Important



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  1. Lead Is Poisonous for Your Kids
  2. What and Where Is Lead in the Home?
  3. Older Homes Have Lead Everywhere
  4. Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones
  5. Opal Is EPA Lead Certified

Before many projects, our team will test your Plainfield home for lead. We often get questions about skipping testing and starting the project, but lead testing is essential. 

Lead adamant applies to projects involving windows, doors, or siding replacement. There is a cost for this service that many homeowners want to avoid. Aside from the legal consequences of not testing for lead, there are health risks to the homeowner and the subcontractors.

Lead Is Poisonous for Your Kids

Exposure to lead has serious health risks, especially for children. Some of the worst outcomes for children exposed to lead are brain and nervous system damage, stunted growth and development, and lower IQ. 

They can also develop learning and behavioral problems, which leads to underperformance in school and the inability to pay attention. Some children will have speech and hearing problems to contend with as well. 

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What and Where Is Lead in the Home?

Lead is an element that comes from the earth’s crust, and it is harmful to humans and pets and linked to severe health impairments. Lead is everywhere: the air, soil, water, and your home. Lead appears in the environment because of fossil fuel use and lead-based paint in homes and everyday products. If you look around your home or property, some items that may have lead include:

  • Paint 
  • Pipes
  • Plumbing 
  • Batteries
  • Ammunition 
  • Cosmetics
  • Ceramics 
  • Gasoline 

Lead can enter your home from current and past uses and in ways, you may not know. Lead in the air will move and stick to the soil, then trickle into groundwater. You might be drinking lead without even knowing. While regulations have changed for current and future home projects, it doesn’t take away lead from older homes. 

Older Homes Have Lead Everywhere

In 1978, the use of lead paint was banned on a federal level after many states banned it locally. Plainfield homes built before 1978 have a higher probability of lead-based paint, which is why lead adamant is critical before home renovation projects. 

Some contractors would not take the appropriate steps to test for lead and would instead paint over lead-based paint. Plainfield homes usually have lead-based paint on stairs, railings, windows, window sills, door frames, banisters, siding, and porches. 

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Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

The best way to protect your family from poisonous lead is by working with an EPA Lead Certified contractor. You should check toys, cosmetics, and other household items to see if they contain lead. 

You should also have a lead-based paint inspection or risk assessment. Maintaining your home’s condition through cleaning and upkeep is also a lead deterrent. Also, check your drinking water for lead and use bottled water instead if necessary. 

Opal Is EPA Lead Certified

You must work with a Plainfield contractor that is EPA lead certified. Homeowners must request documentation from contractors because some pretend they have the certification and do work when they do not. 

The contractor and homeowner can face fines for conducting this work without the proper documentation. Opal knows how to practice lead safety and has the appropriate documents to prove it. For all of your home remodeling projects, visit our showroom.