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James Hardie Siding and Why It Is Durable for Your Home

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Fiber Cement Is More Durable than Vinyl Siding Moisture and Rot Resistance  Durability Saves Money Fire Protection  Pest Deterrent  Opal Enterprises Works With James Hardie Siding

The weather in Skokie is unpredictable at times, and your siding is exposed to weather, fire, pests, and more. These factors all damage your siding if you do not choose the right siding from the beginning. 

James Hardie siding has products that can withstand the weather and other pesky issues that come with living in Skokie while also adding curb appeal to your home. 

Fiber Cement Is More Durable than Vinyl Siding

James Hardie makes fiber cement siding crafted by them and is a top product in the industry. The Hardie Zone also ensures you get the right product with specifications for your region. HZ5 products are for wet and freezing temperatures, and the HZ10 is for homes exposed to humidity, heat, and the sun.

 Skokie falls into the HZ5 zone due to our harsh winters. Wood and vinyl can suffer from seasonal changes, with vinyl cracking in the cold and wood expanding in humidity. Fiber cement does not have the same effects because it is made for climate change. 

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Moisture and Rot Resistance 

Water causes significant damage to homes. Sometimes, it happens instantly, and other times it happens gradually. Your siding can crack and lose paint, and mold or rot can cause water damage. 

James Hardie designs siding that withstands wear from elements like rain, snow, and sleet, so your home does not suffer. 

Durability Saves Money

Your home will undergo many changes as time passes. You will see dents and chips with traditional siding. James Hardie’s siding is made with the midwest climate in mind, so you will not see these issues for years. 

When the weather damages your siding, you must repair or replace it. With James Hardie siding, you will save time and money. Another feature to keep your color from fading is their ColorPlus Technology which also reduces maintenance. 

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Fire Protection 

A fire can spark at any moment, and you want to ensure your home can withstand it. Wood siding will make the fire more prominent and can melt if you have vinyl siding. Meanwhile, your family is inside and unsafe. 

James Hardie fiber cement does not ignite or contribute to fires. You can even get a discount on your home insurance policy when you choose Hardie siding products. 

Pest Deterrent 

The material you choose for your siding can attract pests in the area. For example, wood and wood composite siding can attract birds to peck at and create holes. 

Insects and other pests can also make their way into your home, like termites that can bring your house down. Fiber cement siding does not attract any pests. 

Opal Enterprises Works With James Hardie Siding

Opal wants our customers to feel safe and protected in their homes, and we work with James Hardie siding to ensure that. 

We are an Elite Preferred Contractor, so we use best practices during installation. Visit an Opal showroom to pick up your new James Hardie siding.