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Is James Hardie Siding Worth the Cost?

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James Hardie siding is more costly than vinyl siding, but it is worth it for some Barrington homeowners. Your reasons for purchasing this siding over others will vary.

You can work with Opal team members to find the best choice and see the siding in person. It is breathtakingly beautiful and impossible for you to ignore. 

Warranty Options 

The additional costs of Hardie siding include a 30-year limited transferable warranty. It is the best-in-industry warranty option. 

James Hardie has excellent workmanship and stands by their products by offering this warranty. Additionally, you also have warranty options from Opal Enterprises regarding our installation. 

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James Hardie plank siding is made to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the midwest and look great for years. Maintenance is easy, requiring you to do regular cleanings with simple cleaning supplies once or twice a year. 

James Hardie siding lasts longer than other options available and requires repainting every 15 years. After installation, you can rest easy knowing you do not need to worry about paint deterioration for over a decade. 

Curb Appeal 

The most significant factor in attracting Barrington homeowners is the curb appeal which adds value to your home. The look is the leading cause of its growing popularity. The natural wood look is what customers rave about. 

Homeowners express how they continually get compliments from friends, family, and neighbors about their home’s exterior. Your Barrington home can get these compliments when you choose James Hardie. 

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Storm Resistant 

From the durability features, James Hardie siding can withstand wind and storm damage. Barrington is prone to extreme weather, and this siding is perfect for your home. 

While we cannot make promises, history has shown that the last houses standing after a significant storm are those with Hardie Board siding. This feature is a central selling point for homeowners.  

Pest Resistant 

Insects and rodents can damage your siding, get into your home, and cause mayhem. Keep those pests at bay by choosing James Hardie. Hardie Board has pest-resistant features that wood and vinyl siding do not. 

Customization Options 

Aside from the practical features, this siding has many customizable options to get the perfect look for your Barrington home. For a unique style, you can also choose the thickness, texture, and width. There are many styles and colors available. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Made from sustainable materials, Hardie siding is recyclable and environmentally friendly. You can feel good about implementing this siding into your home and helping save the environment. 

Opal Enterprises Is an Elite Preferred Contractor

James Hardie siding is expensive because it is made of fiber cement which is made differently than wood or vinyl. 

Our status as a preferred contractor means we have the highest standards in the industry and can offer exclusive benefits and warranties to our clients. This prestigious title is not available to every contractor in the area. Opal Enterprises can help you find the best siding for your Barrington home when you visit one of our two showrooms.