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I Want Vinyl Soffit for My House – What Is Best?



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  1. PlyGem Ventura Is Opal’s Choice
  2. Strength 
  3. Curb Appeal 
  4. Airflow and Wind Speed
  5. Opal Enterprises Offer PlyGem Ventura

Evanston homeowners have many different options for siding. Opal Enterprises works with local homeowners to find the best siding for their needs. 

Many opt for James Hardie fiber cement. For vinyl siding, Mastic is the way to go. However, when homeowners are looking for vinyl soffit siding, we recommend Plygem’s Ventura. 

PlyGem Ventura Is Opal’s Choice

The Plygem Ventura vinyl siding has a hidden vent option. It has clean lines and comes in a long clear panel design. The surface is smooth and comes in various colors. The vent system allows outside air to channel secretly through your rafters and under the roof. 

Airflow allows the home to stay cool in the summer. It also promotes natural airflow. Like other vinyl sidings, it is durable, affordable, and low maintenance. Your Evanston home will look and feel great. 

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You want a siding that is sure to withstand the weather in the Midwest. Your siding can resist daily dents and harsh weather. PlyGem Ventura is extra thick and durable. With the exclusive hand-tough technology, the panels have a higher resistance to cracking, thermal discoloration, and impact. 

The technology also keeps the color rich throughout, covering minor surface scratches. There is the rollover reinforced nail hem, and oversized locking system for additional reinforcement, creating secure fastening and easier installation. 

Curb Appeal 

Your siding stands out above all else in your Evanston home. The PlyGem Ventura line has 16 standard and five premium color options. You can mix and match different siding colors with accent colors. Many standard colors are neutral, and the premium colors are slightly darker. You might want something similar to your current siding or opt for a completely new color. 

Ventura vinyl siding has a sleek, soft matte finish. It also has deep shadow lines. Your Evanston home is sure to stand out when you choose PlyGem Ventura vinyl siding.  

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Airflow and Wind Speed

The hidden vent system promotes 50% more airflow so your home stays at your desired temperature. The additional airflow can help reduce utility bills and prevent mold and mildew. It is substantially stronger when comparing the Ventura line to other soffit lines. 

PlyGem Ventura can withstand winds upwards of 160 mph. Low maintenance is an additional feature that Evanston homeowners can benefit from. PlyGem uses a sustainable formula, so the materials are recyclable and eco-friendly. 

Opal Enterprises Offer PlyGem Ventura

PlyGem Vetura vinyl siding has many benefits for Evanston homeowners. You will also get a limited lifetime warranty. Our showroom has PlyGem siding and other options for Evanston homeowners. 

We will discuss your renovation goals when you sit down with our team. Our team can also show you different samples to see how the material looks and feels before we put it on your home. The time it takes for your siding project will vary by your specifications. We can guide you through the process and answer your questions when you visit our showroom. Call us today to schedule an appointment.