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How to Clean Window Screens

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  1. The Supplies You Need 
  2. Remove the Insect Screen 
  3. Cleaning the Insect Screen
  4. Frequency of Cleaning the Window Screen 
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Your Bolingbrook home is your sanctuary, and you want it to stay as clean as possible. Your windows are vital to having a clean home and enjoying natural light. 

Many homeowners install insect screens on their windows and doors to keep the bugs away. Insect screens are very beneficial but can get dirty, which blocks your view. For bug-free breezes and clear views, you should clean your window screens.  

The Supplies You Need 

Before you clean anything, you have to gather your supplies. You will need a bucket, a T-bar scrubber, and a cleaning solution. Many Bolingbrook homeowners will have these readily available at home. 

You can get a cleaning solution at the store but use household items if you want an alternative. All you need for a homemade solution is dish soap and water. Combine two to three gallons of water with a squeeze of dish soap. 

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Remove the Insect Screen 

Before you clean the insect screen or your windows, you must properly remove it. Inside your home, you open the latches that lock the screen to the frame. Once you unlock the screen, you can push it out. Next, you can go outside and remove the screen. 

Before cleaning, you should inspect your screen for any damage, like mesh tears. If there is damage, bugs and other pests will find their way into your home. 

Cleaning the Insect Screen

Now that you have taken off and inspected your window screen, you can begin to clean it. Hose it down, take your T-bar scrubber and cleaning solution, and start scrubbing. Use light pressure and clean the front and back. 

When done, hose it down again and let it air dry. While the insect screen dries, you can work on cleaning the window. If you need a quick solution between cleaning, you can vacuum your insect screens. 

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Frequency of Cleaning the Window Screen 

Cleaning your window screen is not a daily or weekly task. You only have to clean your insect screens twice a year. You should clean them at the same time you clean your windows. This is the best time because you have to remove the screen to clean your windows, and you can let the screen dry while you clean other window elements. 

It is recommended to clean your insect screens during the spring and fall. If you clean in the fall, you can put your screens away to prepare for the winter months. The snow and ice can damage the screen and shorten its lifespan. 

Opal Enterprises Is Near You 

Cleaning insect screens is rarely at the top of your chores list, but it is essential to the health of your windows. You will get fresh air, clear views, light, and more. Regular cleaning schedules let you keep bugs out and your home bright. Opal Enterprises has window installation options for Bolingbrook homes. 

Our team can inform you about each window’s maintenance and cleaning and see if it fits your needs. Visit a showroom to find the perfect windows for your home.