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How to Clean My Vinyl Siding After It Is Installed

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Regular Washes  Power Washing  Removing Stains How Often Should You Clean Vinyl Siding?  Opal Enterprises Has Vinyl Siding Options

When choosing siding for your Elk Grove home, one consideration to keep in mind is the amount of maintenance it will require. You want durable vinyl siding that looks good and you can easily maintain. 

Part of keeping your siding looking good after installation is by cleaning it when necessary. Depending on the dirt buildup, there are different ways to clean your siding. Opal Enterprises consultants can advise you on the maintenance and cleaning schedule you should follow when discussing your siding needs.  

Regular Washes 

Rain can help keep your siding clean, but Elk Grove does get consistent rain, and sometimes the rain can leave dirty spots. You can hose down your siding with clear water if there is moderate dirt. 

Once you hose it down, grab a soft-bristled brush, scrub away dirt, and then rinse your home again. You will want to pay close attention to porches, eaves, awnings, and overhangs since these areas can collect rain and debris. 

If your Elk Grove home has heavy dirt and debris, you can follow similar steps as light dirt but with some additions. When cleaning areas with your brush, you must have soapy water with Trisodium Phosphate. It is advisable to wear gloves for your protection. You can make the cleaning solution at home with the following:

  • One gallon of water
  • A ⅓ cup of laundry detergent
  • And ⅔ cup Trisodium Phosphate 

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Power Washing 

You can also power wash your vinyl siding, but you must be cautious. Make sure to hold the power washer at eye level and use a 40-degree tip. You should also set the pressure between 1,500 and 2,400 psi. Avoid aiming the water upwards because it can cause the water to pool behind the siding leading to water damage. 

Removing Stains

Vinyl siding is durable and nearly maintenance-free, but life happens. Mildew appears like black spots, and many Elk Grove homeowners think there is no solution to remove them. The good news is mildew can be easily removed with the right cleaning solution. You can make the cleaning solution by using the following ingredients:

  • Three quarts water
  • ⅓ cup of detergent 
  • One quart sodium hypochlorite 5% solution 
  • ⅔ cups trisodium phosphate 

It is similar to the first cleaning solution with an additional ingredient. Just add water, and you can remove mildew. If you need to remove tar or caulk, you can use mineral spirits and water. 

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How Often Should You Clean Vinyl Siding? 

There is no set schedule for you to clean your siding. However, you can stick to once a year or every six months after seeing how often your siding gets dirty. Opal consultants can also advise you on maintenance for vinyl siding so you can plan accordingly. 

Opal Enterprises Has Vinyl Siding Options

Your Elk Grove home reflects you, and homeowners want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. The best way to maintain your beautiful exterior is to periodically check and clean your siding. Opal Enterprises can help with your siding installation and give you some tips on maintenance and cleaning. Visit our showroom to get started.