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How to Choose the Best Window Repair Company

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  1. Can They Do the Window Repair Job?
  2. Do They Have the Window Product You Want?
  3. What Is Their Reputation As a Window Repair Company?
  4. What Is Their Cost for Window Repairs?
repairman scraping wood frame window

A repairman scraping a wood frame window. Choosing the best window repair company starts with their know-how of your needed repair.

Any metropolitan area will have several window repair companies, but how do you choose the best one out of the bunch? Homes are the most valuable asset to most people, so it makes sense to consider the options.

We’ve been in the window repair business since 2003, and we’ve seen our share of window repair companies come and go. Here are the things that set the best window repair companies apart from the ones that failed.

Can They Do the Window Repair Job?

The first consideration is whether they can do the job. Some companies only do installations, while others only do repairs. Some, like ours, do everything. When you’re looking at window repair results on your phone, make a list of all the ones that can do the repair job you need.

Some companies have lists of previous jobs or the kinds of repairs they’ve done in the past. If you learn they’ve done a repair similar to the one you need, that’s a point in their favor. If you can’t find that information on their site, you should definitely ask the company during your consultation about their experience.

Of course, any company can say they’ve done a repair before. Try to find a page about their accreditations, certifications, and awards. Houzz is an excellent site for this. Our company has won several Best of Houzz awards, which are awarded to the top window repair companies in the industry. When you need replacement windows, you need a team that knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Do They Have the Window Product You Want?

Repairing or replacing a window in Des Plaines and Naperville requires materials, so the next consideration is if they have the products you want. Most window repair companies have a list of their preferred suppliers, like Andersen. You can go to their websites and look over their options for design, finish, materials, colors, and more.

Looking through manufacturers will help you see the variety of windows on the market and spark your imagination about what’s possible. Window companies put out new products every year. At the very least, try to find a window that closely matches your other windows.

You can also start weighing quality factors like whether a window is Energy Star compliant. In Illinois, this is important because we have both hot summers and cold winters. Energy Star windows will keep your home’s temperature more stable.

What Is Their Reputation As a Window Repair Company?

Next, look at the reputation of the company. Looking through their awards is a good start, but now’s the time to look at reviews and testimonials. Nothing will tell you more about which window repair companies are better than these.

You can use Google, Houzz, Trustpilot, and similar sites to find reviews on your companies. You can also use companies like the Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has filed a complaint. No window company is perfect, so see if the company responds to negative reviews. This shows they’re paying attention!

The longer a company has been in business, the more online reviews they’ll stack up. A company with only a few reviews is new or is quite behind on their online marketing. People rely on reviews now to judge companies, so any with a low review count is suspicious.

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What Is Their Cost for Window Repairs?

Finally, it’s time to contact your short list of companies and see how much their estimates are. Budgets can be a sensitive point in any repair job, but it should never be your first consideration. A cheaper company may not have the skills, products, and reputation to solve your problem right the first time.

Also, consider their warranties. A company may be cheaper up front, but have a poor warranty or even no warranty! Better companies have stronger labor warranties. We have a lifetime labor warranty. Strong warranties mean that if something goes wrong you can get it repaired without wasting more money.

Some window repair companies can extend financing to you to help cover the cost of emergency repairs. If you need to do this, please consider the terms and conditions carefully. You don’t want to be stuck with a loan that’s too expensive.

The best window repair companies have done your kind of repair in the past and have the testimonials and reviews to prove it. They also have the right products for your repair and have a cost that fits your budget, as well as warranties for their work. If your window repair company fits all these criteria, they’re the best ones for you.