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How to Choose New Siding for Your Home in Glencoe

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  1. Siding Options
  2. Planning a Budget
  3. Working With the Climate
  4. Research Materials
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Choosing new siding for your home in Glencoe is a critical decision. Siding is one of the essential features on the exterior of any home. It protects the house from bad weather and ultimately determines your home’s curb appeal. The siding on your Glencoe home adds curb appeal too. Opal Exteriors can help you find the right siding when the time comes.

Siding Options

When the time does come, and you have to choose new siding for your home, it can be an overwhelming process. There is an abundance of options that can be difficult to sort through. Sidings are available in 

  • Brick
  • Vinyl
  • Cellular PVC
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic tile
  • Stainless steel 

Many homeowners have a hard time deciding which siding is best for their home. Opal Exteriors lists a few tips below to help you select the proper siding for your home.

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Planning a Budget

First and foremost, you want to determine your budget. Installing siding on your home often increases the value of the house. New siding is expensive, though—even more so to maintain. So, it is essential to calculate what you can afford before you pick a siding.

Take the time to carefully budget the money you can afford to spend on siding and labor fees. You can then select a contractor and continue along the process when you have a number.

Working With the Climate

Up next, you must consider the climate of your area. Be aware of your surroundings to select the siding that will bring out the best of your home. 

For example, if you live in a sunny location, bright sunlight will overemphasize bright siding. Additionally, homes in rainy areas look dreary if they have dark siding. 

Also, consider durable siding. You want to avoid replacing your siding continuously if the weather is always causing damage.

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Research Materials

Fortunately, homeowners can choose from a wide selection of siding materials. The types of siding are all different regarding flexibility, durability, longevity, and customization. The most popular siding materials are either:

  • Aluminum is often an alternative to vinyl. It is low maintenance and fireproof. This siding won’t crack easily like vinyl but can fade or dent over time.
  • Cedar shingles usually consist of natural cedar and are either brown, gray, or another earth color tone. This siding is ideal for homeowners who want wood siding without constant maintenance.
  • Fiber cement can resemble stucco, wood, or masonry if necessary. It has a natural look and is less costly than wood siding. Fiber cement is durable, termite-proof, and fireproof.
  • Steel is a resilient siding available to homeowners. It rarely bulges, shrinks, or changes under extreme temperatures. Steel siding comes in wood-like textures too.
  • Vinyl is a cost-friendly siding option. Vinyl siding consists of plastic and can emanate toxic chemicals if set on fire. It doesn’t flake or rot over time in comparison to other materials.
  • Wood is often ideal. Most homeowners prefer the beauty that natural, solid wood offers. The most common wood types are cedar, pine, redwood, spruce, and cypress. 

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