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Ease into Fall – Late Summer Home Exterior Tips

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  1. An easy breezy Fall awaits you.


Late Summer Home Exterior Tips

An easy breezy Fall awaits you.

Prepare for leaf drop.leaf

Why wait until they Fall? Get ready for the leaves and avoid needless hassle.

  • Make sure the gutters are clear and clean them if needed. Free flowing gutters are less likely to fill with debris.
  • Consider investing in gutter guards. Gutter guards will save you tons of time and hassle. By keeping the gutters flowing, you’re also protecting your home from water and ice damage. Gutter guards also keep animals out. Squirrels love to hide nuts in the strangest places.  🙂 Raindrop Gutter Guards are an excellent choice. This is a product we install at Opal.

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Clean the house exterior.Hose to clean house exterior

Cleaning the exterior while the sun is warm but not too hot helps your home dry nicely afterwards. Mold and mildew buildup is most common during the cool moist seasons like Spring and Fall. Cleaning up now will start your home off fresh and reduce the likelihood of mold growth.

  • Pick a nice warm day, but not too hot. If it dries too quickly you could leave soapy spots or streaks when using a cleaning product.
  • Use caution with any harsh solvents and pressure washers. These cleaning methods can damage your home. Every product is different. Be sure to read the manufacturer maintenance manuals for your siding and roofing for their recommended cleaning methods. Here’s a helpful guide to cleaning James Hardie fiber cement siding.
  • Cleaning your house will also help you get a closer look at it. This gives you the opportunity to spot any issues that need fixing while there’s still time before winter. That brings us to our next tip…

Inspect surroundings.

This is very important! Summer storms, lawnmowers, animals, and summer fun can cause damage to a home exterior. Catching these issues early will make life much easier. You don’t want those raccoons sneaking in when the weather gets chilly.

  • Walk around the perimeter.GAF-timberline-hd-shingles-barkwood-and-velux-skylights-elmhurst-il
    • Look for any holes or damage around the foundation.
    • Check that siding is secure.
    • Inspect seams and trim.
    • Take a close look at window wells and vents.
    • Look at the trees and make sure the branches aren’t too close to the home. When the wind blows they can cause damage if they are too close. Trim branches as needed.
  • Look up. Many people forget about the areas underneath the roof and overhangs, like soffit and porch ceilings. High winds and branches can damage these areas. Loose boards can be dangerous and become an access point for pests to enter. Make sure these areas are secured.
  • Get on the roof. Yep! Get up there or have someone take a look. Even if your roof is fairly new, storms can damage them so it’s good to check it every now and then. Your roof is the most important protection for your home. It’s much more challenging to see and fix issues when the roof is covered in leaves and snow. It’s also more difficult to detect leaks in the winter because it’s often very slow coming in, which can create serious problems.
  • Consider getting a professional inspection. It’s an excellent idea to hire a professional home inspector every so often. They are trained to know exactly what to look for and will give you a thorough report. Plus, you won’t need to get on the roof. 🙂

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Make any home improvement plans now.

Many home improvement companies get busy in the Fall and schedules often fill up. Now’s the time to make sure you’re on the schedule if you want something done before winter. You can even start planning for Spring. Right now is the best time to get early access to your favorite company and the scheduling that meets your needs.

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An easy breezy Fall awaits you.