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How do I Prepare for Window Replacement?

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You’ve done all the necessary research to select replacement windows that meet your aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency standards. Now, with the installation just days away, you want to prepare your home so that the process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The sooner Opal Enterprises installs your windows, the sooner you can begin enjoying them. Window replacements usually take two or three days for average-sized homes or longer for large properties with more stories and windows. However, by following a few simple steps, you can do your part to ensure your project stays well within the projected timeline.

window with partially drawn blinds and potted plant

A window with partially drawn blinds and a potted plant. To speed up your window replacement project, prepare ahead by removing window treatments and other items that may be blocking the windows.

Clear a Path to Ensure a Safe Window Replacement Installation

You want to give your window installers easy access to your home and every window they will be replacing. They will be walking in and out of your house and moving from room to room, often carrying heavy objects and tools. For safety, make sure they have an unobstructed path.

Move furniture and other obstacles that might block their route through and around your home. Also, remove outdoor items like patio furniture, hoses, or lawn decorations that might get in their way.

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Trim Landscaping Near the Installation Site

To properly clear the exterior path to your windows, you might need to trim the shrubs, bushes, and tree branches growing too close to your house. Ideally, the installers will need two feet or more of clearance to access the windows comfortably.

Ask your window company if they have tools or equipment that will require additional space, particularly if they’ll be working with windows that project like bow or bay window models.

Reduce Replacement Installation Time by Removing Window Treatments

You should remove treatments before your installation team can put in your new windows. Save your installers valuable time by taking down curtains, sheers, blinds, and anything else surrounding the windows before they arrive. You might also want to remove interior shutters, hardware, and trimmings since these could interfere with the job.

Additionally, consider removing wall hangings and pictures on display near the installation site. Although they may not be a hindrance, they could be accidentally damaged during the installation process.

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Put Down Dust Covers to Protect Your Furniture or Floors

Window replacement projects can be messy, stirring up various debris, including dust, dirt, and sawdust. That’s why our installers always lay down several drop cloths to cover nearby furniture and floors while they work.

To ensure that your house stays clean, you can proactively place drop cloths before the workers arrive. In addition, pay special attention to furniture or electronic equipment located near windows and cover those items thoroughly before work begins.

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Prepare a Workspace for Installers

Your window installers will need a dedicated area with access to electrical outlets to set up equipment and plug in their tools. Although you can discuss and decide on the best location when they arrive, it may be wise to think ahead about options you can offer them.

If there’s a potential for rain on installation day, your team may also need a protected area with easy access to the outside. For example, you might want to proactively clear a space in your garage or on a covered porch or patio.

Disconnect Window Alarms

Security alarms attached to your current windows will need to be removed or deactivated before installing your new windows. If you use a home security company, call them ahead of time to schedule disconnection and reactivation of your home’s window sensors.

Have a Plan to Keep the Area Clear

If you have small children or pets that may get underfoot, plan a way to restrict their access to the workspace during installation. You might want to keep them occupied in another part of the house or plan an errand or play date at another location. This will ensure safety for both the crew and your vulnerable family members.

For your safety, be sure to alert the crew before trying to access a room where they are actively working. They may be able to pause their work and turn off power tools until you leave the area.

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If you are preparing to replace windows in your home in Elmhurst or a different Illinois location, you should consider the potential for rain on installation day. Your team may also need a protected area with easy access to the outside. For example, you should proactively clear a space in your garage or on a covered porch or patio.

If you’re a resident of Chicago’s suburbs, consider Opal Enterprises for your next window installation. Widely recognized for our quality windows and customer service, we have earned a consistent A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and multiple Best of Houzz awards.

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