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  1. Ply Gem and Opal Enterprises 
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Your West Chicago home is closer to the suburbs than the big city, and that comes with unique challenges. Tornadoes and severe weather are more prone to happen the further out of the city you get. 

When looking for new home vinyl siding, you need to find the perfect match of style and durability. There are many benefits to vinyl siding, and it is best to weigh them before starting your project by contacting Opal Enterprises. 

Ply Gem and Opal Enterprises 

Opal enterprises believe in the quality product that Ply Gem manufactures, so we only sell and install Mastic vinyl siding from them. We are also in their preferred contractor program, which is a high honor. 

Mastic vinyl exterior products include siding, shutters, vents, classic planks, and more. You can complete an entire exterior when you combine Ply Gem products and Opal workmanship. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Quest Vinyl Siding 

Ply Gem offers a range of home vinyl siding options, but our West Chicago homeowners prefer the Quest line. It is popular because it has a tornado-tough design, so you can be sure that your home can withstand high winds. The material is also nearly maintenance-free and keeps its beauty for years. 

Ply Gem Quest siding is available in woodgrain and smooth finishes and has matching accessories available. It is also third-party certified. It is energy efficient and made from sustainable resources. 

Benefits of Quest  

We offer the Quest line by Ply Gem because of its unmatched benefits and affordability. You can combine style, efficiency, and affordability with the Quest line. The home vinyl siding is solid, designed to resist wear and tear, and winds up to 190 mph. It offers extra-long options for seamless looks on every home and excellent curb appeal. 

The tornado tough features a double thick nail hem which provides stronger anchoring, so home vinyl siding stays in place during high winds. The exclusive hang-tough technology also boosts durability by offering resistance to impact and cracking. 

The Perfect Finish 

The Quest line of home vinyl siding comes in various colors and does not require paint, so maintenance is cut down. Since there is no paint, the rich color will reside throughout the panels, so you will not see any nicks or scratches. 

There is also UV protection that provides color protection for the harsh weather in West Chicago. If you choose cedar colors, it creates a protective coating with weather-resistant features. There are 18 standard color options and 12 premium color options, so you are sure to find the best color for your home vinyl siding. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Opal Enterprises Has Options for Your Home

Opal Enterprise prides itself on the work and products we offer West Chicago homeowners, which is why we work with a top home vinyl siding manufacturer: Ply Gem. 

We offer you various product lines and options; you must visit our Naperville showroom to see for yourself. Our team is ready to show you the benefits of the Quest line and get started on your home vinyl siding project today. Complete a contact form to schedule an appointment today.