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Fiberglass Windows for My Home

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  1. Fiberglass Versus Vinyl 
  2. Fiberglass Is Long-Lasting
  3. Kolbe Forgent Windows 
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There are many options for your window replacement project in Des Plaines. It can be challenging to decide which window option is suitable for your home, especially considering the price, energy efficiency, style, materials, and more. 

Currently, the two most popular window materials are fiberglass and vinyl. Each material has its benefits, and you must work with an Opal Enterprises advisor to find the option that works for you. 

Fiberglass Versus Vinyl 

An extensive debate among Chicagoland homeowners is which material is better: fiberglass or vinyl. The answer is neither! They each have their benefits and downsides, and you need to decide which is right for you. Vinyl has a PVC base, while fiberglass has a glass base. Both materials are strong, durable, and weather resistant. 

If energy efficiency is your concern, fiberglass is the way to go. Fiberglass has more decorative options, which is essential for keeping up with the aesthetics of your home and neighborhood. It is also more durable than vinyl which comes at a cost. 

Vinyl windows are less expensive. So, if your budget is a concern, that can be a determining factor. When it comes to maintenance, both window options are free of heavy maintenance, so you do not need to spend excessive time keeping them clean and working. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Fiberglass Is Long-Lasting

Windows allow you to view your Des Plaines neighborhood and enable the sunshine to come in. You need a window that can keep out the elements but bring in the light. Fiberglass is lighter than wood and has very low maintenance. The fluctuations in weather and temperature do not harm fiberglass windows

You have many design options so that you can have these windows in a traditional or modern home. There are warranties from the manufacturers, and when you partner with Opal, we also have a lifetime labor warranty on window installations. 

Kolbe Forgent Windows 

Kolbe is a premier window manufacturer and has the Forgent Series with several key benefits. Kolbe fiberglass windows have a solid Glastra exterior. They are energy efficient, and different options ensure they can withstand Chicago’s climate. 

Glastra is a recyclable material that is repurposed from other products. The AccuForge welded frame and sash prevent air and water infiltration into the home. Chicagoland homeowners do not need to worry about the weather getting in and dampening their day. 

You do not compromise on style to get all the added features of a fiberglass window since there are different interior and exterior paints and stains. Forgent is constructed of Glastra and UV stable polymer. In the Forgent Series, there are two interior material options. You can have a whole Glastra window or a Glastra and wood window. Both options have an easy installation.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Opal Enterprises Is an Exclusive Dealer

Kolbe is selective of the contractors they work with, and Opal Enterprises is a proud partner of the brand. When you are debating whether you should choose a fiberglass window, Opal team members can help you make the plunge. Contact us to schedule an appointment at your Des Plaines, IL, home.