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Festive Fall Decor for Windows and Doors

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  1.  Add Hardy Plants to Window Boxes & Porch Pots
  2. Swags & Wreaths
  3. Get Creative with Arrangements
  4. Gorgeous Garlands

Fall is a fun time for decorating. Windows and doors are one of my favorite areas to enhance. Doors are one of the most frequently viewed areas of the home, and a little decoration is the perfect way to make guests feel welcome. Window decorations can be viewed from both inside and outside the home, so less effort and bigger reward! This is especially nice in the Fall when it starts to get a bit chilly outside.

Fall is a fun time for showing off your home, whether you’re trying to make a sale or just want to celebrate the season. Your windows and doors will be natural focal points for your home renvation or seasonal decoration projects.

Check out these festive decor ideas you can use to decorate your windows & doors for the season. Depending on the scope of your project, you might also find that a replacement windows contractor can complete your home’s look.

 Add Hardy Plants to Window Boxes & Porch Pots

If you already have window boxes or potted plants by your entry door, then this is an essential step to keep them looking healthy during cooler weather. You’ll start to see those summer annuals loose their appeal quickly. Spruce things up by replacing them with hardy plants.

Mums are marvelous! They come in a wide variety of colors and will bloom beautifully well into the Fall.

Hardy cabbage and ornamental kale are a fun accent for Fall. If you’ve grown cabbage before, then you know how amazingly hardy they are. These grow very well in pots and will add nice Fall foliage to your home.

Grasses! Ornamental grasses will look great all season. Even through the winter after they dry up, they will add an elegant backsplash and sway in the wind. Many grasses are intended for fall beauty and will change colors with the season.

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Swags & Wreaths

Swags and wreaths can brighten up any exterior. They can be designed to suit any sense of style. They’re super easy to hang with a wreath hanger. Put them on the entry door and consider them for the front facing windows too. There are many DIY projects for easy wreaths and swags, so it’s a perfect decoration for any budget. One thing I love about fall decor is incorporating dried materials from the existing landscape like vines, nuts, leaves and grasses.

Get Creative with Arrangements

Fall arrangements are super easy! Gather some interesting pumpkins and gourds, and pair them with some Autumn accents. Use things around you to fill in your fabulous Fall arrangement. Place these on window sills, inside pots, on hay bails, next to the front door, or wherever your heart desires.

If you are thinking about getting a new door before the fall season, check out our front door visualizer to familiarize yourself with different looks. This tool can also help you better visualize what type of fall arrangements would best fit the new door.

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Gorgeous Garlands

Decorate your windows and doors with some fall garland. Leaves are a lovely garland that you can even make yourself by tying leaves together. Also try tiny pumpkins! Wrap garland around all your windows and doors for a dramatic accent. But if you understand that you need some help with front door replacement in Naperville we will be happy to help you.

Have fun with Fall decor. Get family and friends involved gathering things around the yard, or visit your local farm for materials. Your windows and doors will match the fall outdoors and have a warm welcoming feel for the season.