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Do Siding Companies Paint Siding?

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We Can Replace Your Siding Painting Companies Offer Painting Services Can the Siding Be Painted? Sectional Siding Repairs Opal Offers Exterior Painting

Many Glenview homeowners want to spruce up their homes by adding a coat of paint. There is much confusion about whether siding companies paint siding. Professional siding companies do not offer painting services for siding. 

Some siding cannot be painted, only repaired or replaced. If you are considering painting your siding because of dents or damage, discuss other options with Opal Enterprises.

We Can Replace Your Siding

Opal specializes in removing old siding down to the sheaths and replacing the siding around your Glenview home. We specialize in James Hardie fiber cement siding or vinyl siding. When deciding to paint your siding, you should consider the condition, siding age, and costs. You should also consider home value, aesthetic appearance, and how it will impact your warranty.

If your siding is nearing or over 20 years old, consider replacing instead of painting your siding. Buckles, moisture, and gaps are signs that it is also time to replace your siding. When your siding is already falling apart, a new paint job will do nothing to help. A downside to painting your siding is your warranty is void. Manufacturers will not repair or deal with any siding that has changed from their original delivery. 

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Painting Companies Offer Painting Services

You must contact a painting company when you need painting for your Glenview home. They specialize in painting all areas of the house, inside and out. 

If you are speaking to a painting company to paint your siding, you should remember the only siding that can be painted in the Chicagoland area is cedar or aluminum siding. It should raise some concerns if the company says they can paint other siding materials. 

Can the Siding Be Painted?

Siding can fade after years of weather exposure. While it is an eyesore, if there is no siding damage, you might not need a replacement. 

There are pros and cons of repainting versus replacing your siding. Painting your siding can enhance the appearance of your home, but you should decide if repairing or replacing it is the best option. 

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Sectional Siding Repairs

If one section of your siding has damage and you do not want to replace the entire home, Opal has an option for you. We offer sectional siding repairs. Paint doesn’t last as long as new siding and is not a permanent solution to damage. Opal provides the industry’s best siding systems as a premiere siding contractor in the area. We offer cost-effective vinyl siding. 

Our warranty options can help homeowners rest assured they can get repairs when necessary. We also have labor warranties, so if there are issues with our services, we can address those. Sectional siding replacements are not feasible, but after a severe storm or other window conditions, sectional repairs are helpful. 

Opal Offers Exterior Painting

Most professional siding companies do not offer painting services, but Opal has exterior painting services for special projects. When you need to change your home’s appearance, discuss your options with Opal Enterprises. 

We offer a range of home renovation services for your convenience. Glenview homeowners can visit our showroom to discuss their siding project. Call us today to schedule an appointment.