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Darling DIY Halloween window decorations for the whole family



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  1. Chalk Marker Art
  2. Creepy Cobwebs
  3. Spooky Silhouettes
  4. Garbage Bag Spiderwebs
  5. Cute Pumpkin Suncatchers


Halloween is the best season for DIY decor. It’s especially fun to get the kids involved! Windows are one of the easiest and more noticeable parts of the home to decorate. The great thing about window decor is you can see it inside and outside! We found some fun Halloween window decor ideas that the whole family can participate in.

Chalk Marker Art

Chalk markers are perfect for window decorating. They draw on nice and smooth and wash off easily. It’s a fun, clean & safe way to make some temporary Halloween art.

There are a wide variety of chalk markers to choose from in many shapes and colors. Amazon has a large selection of chalk markers. A line of chalk markers that I like is the non-toxic chalk markers by Artisan’s Effect.

For a large window display, then you may want to select some giant markers like the one’s used in this video:

Have fun and get creative. The great thing about chalk markers is that it’s super easy to wash off and start over. Use stencils for easy solid shapes. I recommend drawing on the inside of the window otherwise it may wash off in the rain. Chalk markers can also be used to decorate pumpkins 😉

Creepy Cobwebs

Cobwebs are a classic. You can’t go wrong with this one and kids have so much fun creating cobweb masterpieces. You can find stretchy spiderwebs & webbing material at just about any party or Halloween decoration store this time of year. Cobwebs look extra creepy in the window especially when the light shines through at night. Webs can also be created with things around the house like leftover yarn or pantyhose! Here’s a fun project on for creating easy pantyhose cobwebs


Spooky Silhouettes

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Simple silhouettes cut out of cardboard, construction paper, or poster board can make a super spooky window display. You can print out designs on the computer to use as stencils, trace objects (hands are a fun one!), or go free form. Try making cutouts of ghastly ghosts with white poster board, magnificent monsters, or maybe some bats with black construction paper.

Another way to make silhouettes is by painting semi transparent shower curtains or any simple light filtering curtains. Check out this project from Martha Stewart…

Make sure to let light shine through your windows and you’ll have the perfect Halloween display. You can also add some Halloween lights to light up your windows. Spooky silhouettes also look great paired with some webs!

Garbage Bag Spiderwebs

Garbage bag spider webs are fun and easy to make. The technique is similar to making those classic snowflakes cut out of folded paper. Spider webs made from trash bags look really neat because of their wrinkly draping appearance, and you can make them pretty big.

Trash bag Halloween decorating | see full intructions on How About Orange

Cute Pumpkin Suncatchers

This is such a fun idea, and it’s an especially nice project to do with younger kids. All you need is a little card paper or craft foam, tissue paper, and some sticky paper. They look adorable day or night. Check out the full instructions here…


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