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Comparing Provia Aspect Windows with Provia Endure Windows

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  1. What They Have in Common
  2. ProVia Aspect Windows 
  3. ProVia Endure Windows 
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Vinyl windows are a top-notch material that keeps homes safe and increases comfort and energy efficiency. All ProVia windows share some standard features and durability, but some differences can steer you in one direction or the other. 

For more information, Arlington Heights homeowners can visit an Opal Enterprises showroom to learn more about the ProVia brand of windows and select the options that work for your home.

What They Have in Common

Endure and Aspect windows have various construction elements that come standard. Both lines have SunShield Vinyl, welded frame & sash, INNERGY thermal reinforcement, exterior glazing, integral interlock at the meeting rail, barrier-fin, and bulb seal weatherstripping. When it comes to screens, they both offer the BetterVue fiberglass mesh. 

Both windows have white, beige, and sandstone interior and exterior colors. You have a vent lock as a standard option for double-hung and slider windows. Casement and awning have varying hardware options. Both lines have the same window styles, with some coming as standard on both and others as add-ons. 

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ProVia Aspect Windows 

One difference in construction is Aspect windows have Neopor insulation as an additional option, not standard like Endure. When choosing your screen, you have the standard roll-formed screen frame. Other options include:

  • Extruded aluminum screen frame
  • Flex screen
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass mesh
  • Aluminum mesh
  • SeeVue stainless steel mesh

Double-hung and slider windows can have a surface-mounted sweep lock, tilt latches standard or integrated DualTech sweep locks, and tilt latches add-ons. Casement and awning come with three hardware options, fold away, which is standard. Lockout handle and stainless steel hardware which are add-ons

ProVia Endure Windows 

Screen meshes are similar to Aspect, with two exceptions. Endure windows have the extruded aluminum screen frame as a standard feature and do not have a roll-formed screen frame. Endure has one additional standard color option, which is laminate wood grain. You can get the wood grain in dark oak, classic oak, traditional cherry, and white woodgrain. Aspect windows do not have this option. 

Endure has classic bronze laminate as a standard option for exterior colors and painted windows as an add-on for casement and awning. Hardware Options for double hung and slider are the integrated dual tech sweep locals and tilt latches. There is a standard lockout handle and an optional stainless steel handle. Endure and Aspect have the same accessories options available, including but not limited to:

  • Accessory groove filler strip 
  • Brickmold with nail fin J-channel 
  • Stucco flange 
  • Hard expander 
  • Still extender
  • Nail fin 
  • Nail fin with J-channel 
  • Interior trim accessory 
  • And many more

Discuss your options with Opal Enterprises to get the best windows for your home. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Opal Enterprises Helps Homeowners Decide  

Arlington Heights homeowners cannot go wrong with either option. We offer a wood-laminate option for the Endure line. Your Arlington Heights home will continue to shine in town. 

Windows are the key to your home and you want the best views and natural light. If you are between the Aspect and Endure window options, check them out at our showroom.