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Choosing Aluminum Soffit for My House, What is Best?



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  1. Low Maintenance and Sustainable 
  2. Strength and Durability 
  3. Affordability and Curb Appeal 
  4. Opal Enterprises Has Siding Options for You

Park Ridge homeowners often wonder what options they have for aluminum soffit siding. Suppose you are looking for the best value and choices. Endurance Aluminum Soffit has broad color options, is durable and low maintenance. 

You can’t go wrong with the PlyGem Endurance Aluminum Soffit. Some other features and benefits will ensure your siding lasts for years. You can speak to an Opal Enterprises consultant if you are looking for aluminum soffit siding options. We can help you decide on the best siding colors and features. 

Low Maintenance and Sustainable 

You are helping the environment when you choose Plygem Endure aluminum soffit for your Park Ridge home. When creating the siding PlyGem used recyclable and sustainable materials. There is no painting required, and cleaning is a breeze. You can enjoy your home without having to worry about heavy maintenance. 

An added benefit of Endure siding is the increased airflow. Vented panels increase airflow through the perforated V-groove design, which works within your attic. With better airflow, you prevent mildew and mold and save energy costs.

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Strength and Durability 

PlyGem has worked hard to implement different techniques to ensure the siding is extra thick and able to resist dents. The Revolutionary Alumalure 2000 protection is a two-coat finish. It has rust-inhibiting primer and an ultra-tough topcoat. This layer of protection helps prevent sun fading, corrosion, and scratches. It also helps with weathering. 

Endure aluminum soffit will last for years due to its durability. When you have strong siding, you can rest assured that it will last through winter and beyond. You will have peace of mind that your siding will not need to be repaired or replaced for years. 

Affordability and Curb Appeal 

When enhancing your curb appeal, 18 standard colors and one premium color option are available. You can go for a classic cream color or stand out with Evergreen. The premium color option is Musket brown. 

Staying true to the art deco buildings in the area, your color options will surely fit in. Aside from colors, you can get better curb appeal with the shadow line and V-groove design. These features can accomplish a classic look. If you opt for the U-groove design, it will hide imperfections, and you can also achieve a freshly painted wood look. 

PolyGem Endure aluminum soffit is an affordable option for Park Ridge homes. An additional benefit is the V.I.P. limited lifetime warranty. You can get more details about your warranty by reading the full warranty upon purchase. Opal Enterprises also has warranties for Park Ridge homeowners. 

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Opal Enterprises Has Siding Options for You

Soffit is an excellent option for your Park Ridge home. Opal Enterprises works with the PolyGem line, and we recommend it often. PlyGem’s Endurance line is an affordable option when you are looking for aluminum soffit siding. 

Other popular choices are Mastic vinyl siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding, but the best option for Park Ridge homeowners is PolyGem. Take a look at our showroom.