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Can New Windows Be Installed in My Townhome?

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  1. Replacing Your Windows
  2. New Window Prices
  3. Benefits of New Townhome Windows
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Yes, you can have new windows installed on your townhome. Window renovations can happen on any home in the Chicagoland area. Replacing windows on a townhome is similar to replacing them on a condo or single-family home. 

Pricing will vary depending on sizing and how many windows you are replacing. There are many benefits to replacing the windows on your townhome, primarily when you work with Opal Enterprises.

Replacing Your Windows

Your townhome can benefit from replacing windows. Yet, many Chicagoland homeowners focus on more considerable upgrades like the kitchen and bathroom. Windows can improve your aesthetics and provide better energy efficiency. 

New windows can make it more appealing to buyers and renters if you’re looking to rent or sell your home. Before you jump to get new windows, you must determine whether getting new windows is right for you. People get new windows because they want to update the home’s appearance, improve heating and cooling costs, and fix window damage.  

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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New Window Prices

The cost of your new Chicagoland townhome windows will vary depending on several factors. You must consider how many windows you need, types of windows, size, and any upgrades. Professional installation is another factor in your windows because you must pay for the labor required. 

Townhomes have smaller or fewer windows than some single-family homes, so the price ranges can be smaller. Since size matters, you will need to budget a few thousand dollars for your window replacement project. 

Materials and customization options are also vital to pricing. If you choose custom windows, you should expect a higher price point than standard ones. On the lower end, aluminum windows are the least costly. 

Other window materials you can choose from include vinyl, wood, composite, and fiberglass. When replacing your townhouse windows, you should match the materials to what you have now or opt for an upgrade to add value to the property. 

Benefits of New Townhome Windows

If you are still on the fence about replacing your windows, then you should consider the added value and high return rate. When you add energy efficiency features to the windows, that can increase your return rate. 

Minor upgrades will have return rates, but they are often on the lower end. Research has found that the return rate on windows is higher than on other remodeling projects like new kitchens and deck addition. The only home upgrades that surpass window replacements are garage door replacements, stone veneer siding, or a mid-range kitchen remodel. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Choose Your Windows With Opal Enterprises

Replacement windows are one of the best home improvements you can make. New windows on your Chicagoland townhome have many benefits, and you must choose the right window to match. You must consider the style, materials, energy efficiency, and whether you want single or double-pane windows. 

You can benefit by getting several window quotes from different contractors. The best place to start is visiting an Opal Enterprises showroom to browse our window selection today.