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Buffalo Grove, IL: What Is a Transom Window?



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  1. What Is a Transom Window?
  2. How Transom Windows Can Transform a Home
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Have you ever heard the name of an object that sounded unfamiliar until you saw a picture or description? It’s not until seeing an example of the object that you’ve noticed that you’ve come across this type of object. 

A transom window is one of those objects that fit this type of description. Even if you’ve never heard the term transom window, you have probably noticed and even admired transom windows from your neighbor’s home or family member’s home.

What Is a Transom Window?

A transom window is a window with an additional beam on top that helps separate the top of the window from the other parts of the wall. One of the unique traits of these windows is their ability to remain modern after being used in homes for centuries. 

Even though these windows experienced a decline in the 1970s and 1980s, they have made a comeback with many homeowners. Transom windows made a comeback due to their decorative and distinctive ability to make a room in the home.

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How Transom Windows Can Transform a Home

There are several benefits that transom windows can bring to a home. One of the key benefits is adding an extra layer of ventilation to a home. Since its creation, a transom window was used to allow ventilation from outside to inside and from room to room. 

Because transom windows are versatile, they can be installed on interior walls and exterior walls. This ability to circulate air allows homeowners to keep doors or windows closed while allowing air to roam throughout the home.

Adding Natural Light to Any Room

In addition to providing extra ventilation throughout the home, transom windows are used to bring additional sunlight into a home. During the morning and evening hours, homeowners can control the amount of sunlight allowed into their homes. Adding sunlight can help make a home feel more comfortable and open.

Decorative Designs for Your Home

Another benefit of transom windows is the type of look they can add to a home. Although transom windows have withstood the test of time, their styles have become more versatile, and they can complement any style of a home. 

Homeowners who want to add a more traditional look to their home can install transom windows with a more architectural feel. Homeowners who want to add a more contemporary look to their home can also install transom windows with a more modern style

Many homes that have been recently built include transom windows within at least one or several rooms.

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