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Bathroom Windows for Your Naperville Home

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  1. Why Do You Need a Bathroom Window? 
  2. Benefits of Bathroom Windows 
  3. Choosing the Right Window for Your Bathroom 
  4. How Important Is Privacy Glass? 
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Naperville homeowners might wonder if they need a bathroom window, and the short answer is yes. There are several disadvantages of not having a bathroom window besides not having light. You do not need an overabundance of windows in your bathroom; one is typically enough for a small bathroom. 

Many window options are available for your Chicagoland bathroom, and what works for one homeowner may not work for you. Work with Opal sales associates to find the window that works for you. 

Why Do You Need a Bathroom Window? 

A lot of moisture can get stuck in your bathroom and cause mold and mildew. They are dangerous to your family’s health and your home’s structure. Additionally, having a window can prevent bacteria build-up that causes flu and strep throat. 

Some local codes require that you have a window for ventilation and privacy reasons. Naperville doesn’t currently have these ordinances, but laws are constantly changing. 

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Benefits of Bathroom Windows 

Having a window provides air ventilation without needing any special systems or having someone come in and remove mold and mildew build-up. All you do is open up the window and let the moisture out. 

Another benefit is the natural light you will get in the bathroom. The window will make the bathroom brighter and bigger. Without the ventilation of a bathroom window, you will need another ventilation system which will increase your monthly energy bills. 

Choosing the Right Window for Your Bathroom 

Choosing the right window for your bathroom will depend on the size and style. There are several types of bathroom windows you can choose from. 

  • Sliding: These windows open side to side and save space. These windows are perfect for your bathroom if you have a small space. 
  • Awning: These window styles have a hinge at the top and open out from the bottom. You can open the windows even during rainy weather without fear it will affect you. 
  • Picture: These windows are much larger than a standard window, and you will get a lot of natural light. You will find these in larger bathrooms. 
  • Double-hung: These windows are seen throughout the home and can open from the top or bottom. 

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How Important Is Privacy Glass? 

Since your bathroom is where you need the most privacy, installing a window is a big decision. While you want the light to get in, you do not want to lose your privacy. You can choose privacy glass, which obscures the view from the outside. 

Some Naperville homeowners do not choose privacy glass because their bathroom is on a second story and overlooks the backyard. More oversized bathroom windows also have the option to use curtains. First-floor bathrooms that look out onto the street or a neighbor’s house need privacy glass. 

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Bathroom windows differ from the rest of your home, and you need a window installer who knows what is best for your bathroom. You need ventilation and natural light. Bathroom windows come in different materials, styles, and shapes. Contact an Opal Enterprises team member to find the best window for you.