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  1. 2 Textures
  2. 3 Corner Options
  3. Installation


The artistry is truly visible with the James Hardie Artisan® Luxury Siding Collection. This special line of James Hardie fiber cement siding offers ultra thick boards, refined corner options, and stunning curb appeal. Artisan siding has superior durability like all James Hardie building products with enhanced lasting beauty and structural integrity. The thick boards create deep shadows and multi-dimensional appeal. Tongue and groove edges make for a tighter fit and precise finish. James Hardie’s patented DuraTech™ technology gives it outstanding structural integrity. For an especially luxurious appearance and premium durability, enhance your home with Artisan.

2 Textures


 SmoothJames Hardie smooth

 WoodgrainJames Hardie woodgrain

3 Corner Options


James Hardie Artisan mitered corners
for the true craftsman look

Artisan® Trim

James Hardie Artisan Trim
for a distinctive 1.5″ thick edge finish

Metal Accents

James Hardie Artisan metal corners
for enhanced corner definition

Distinctive Features

Thick boards 5/8″
Deep shadow lines & dimension

Artisan siding withstands the elements with ease and offers long-term refined beauty. Like all James Hardie fiber cement products, it has superior resistance to pests, swelling, cracking, warping, fading, mold, mildew, and harsh weather. It’s also flame resistant and non-combustible.

With James Hardie Artisan Luxury siding, your home will be protected and aesthetically enhanced for many years to come.


James Hardie Elite Preferred

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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A James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor is the best choice for Artisan siding installation. An Elite Preferred contractor has differentiated itself with an impeccable service record, enhanced skill, and a specialty in the complete range of James Hardie products and designs. Opal Enterprises is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in Naperville Illinois. Opal is ready to partner with those looking to enhance their home with Artisan Luxury siding in the west and south suburbs of Chicagoland. Discover the Opal experience…