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Trendy new exterior with mixed siding widths

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A popular new trend is mixing different siding widths and combining different types of siding. This new alternating siding style gives the home a eye-catching texture and makes things a little more interesting. We were so excited to work on this renovation, and it turned out marvelous! New trend in mixed width siding. #OpalCurbAppeal Before and After James Hardie Siding on home in Warrenville installed by Opal Enterprises. #OpalCurbAppeal Unique texture created with alternating siding widths by Opal Enterprises. #OpalCurbAppeal

We also experimented with mixing window styles. In this photo, you can see a variety of horizontal and vertical windows. 

Home makeover with new James Hardie Siding with combination siding widths by Opal Enterprises in Warrenville. #OpalCurbAppeal   For info about our home renovation services in St. Charles and unique combination siding installation visit us at or request a quote below.