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Gain beauty and high performance with James Hardie® fiber cement siding products, expertly installed by Chicagoland’s trusted James Hardie Elite Preferred Siding Contractor.

James Hardie siding is a premium siding option which offers more depth, character, and durability than traditional siding. It has the ability to bring a house to life and a visual difference that you can see from the curb. Still, there are some basic questions that need answers, so here we go!

What’s James Hardie Siding made of?

It’s called fiber cement. The fiber part is wood fiber, like paper. When fiber mixes with cement, the result is something much stronger than both. The same concept is applied to cement in construction when cement is placed around iron bars. James Hardie adds special additives to make it stronger and last even longer.

What does James Hardie Siding look like?


James Hardie’s Artisan Luxury collection features ultra-thick boards, tongue and groove joints, and 3 stylish corner options. Enhancing your home with Artisan lap siding means you’ll gain superior architectural quality and stunning curb appeal.

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How long does James Hardie Siding last?

James Hardie’s warranty is 30 years! Longevity and James Hardie’s warranty is dependent upon environmental conditions and proper installation, so be sure to find a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor!

How much does James Hardie Siding cost?

James Hardie siding  does cost more than “standard ” vinyl siding without insulation and it costs less than cedar siding but James Hardie has been proven to have the highest ROI over any other type of siding. The return on your investment with James Hardie siding can be as high as 76.6%. According to Remodeling Magazine, in 2017! That means that after your home appreciates in value, the actual cost can be as low as 23.3% of the invoice. View the stats from the 2017 Cost vs Value report…

How do I get James Hardie Siding installed?

While there are many contractors who technically can install James Hardie Siding, the recommended choice is to find a member of the James Hardie Contractor Alliance. There are 2 levels of contractors in the James Hardie Alliance: Preferred Contractors and Elite Preferred Contractors. Opal Enterprises is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor. Learn more about what it means to be James Hardie Elite Preferred.

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