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How Best to Pull Off a Dark House Exterior



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  1. What Shade Should You Use?
  2. Deep Shades Scream Sophistication
  3. Monochrome Options 
  4. Contrasting Colors Brighten Your Home
  5. Opal Enterprises Can Help With Dark Exteriors

Homeowners rarely see black as an exterior color, but it is a growing trend in Oswego. You have to have the right aesthetic to pull off a dark exterior. The key often lies with the windows you choose. 

Black exteriors look great on nearly every home style, from farmhouse to modern. For a cohesive look, homeowners must tie everything together, and Opal Enterprises knows the best colors, windows, and siding to achieve your dark house exterior.  

What Shade Should You Use?

Black is a neutral color, meaning almost anything pairs well with it. You are working with a blank canvas. Oswego homeowners often pair dark bronze and black windows with black siding. 

Dark siding is a dramatic choice for some homeowners, and you should take your time choosing the best shade for you. Instead of pure black, you can opt for a dark navy which offers the same dark aesthetic that is easier on the eyes. 

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Deep Shades Scream Sophistication

Many color options are available for siding; you will also run into slight nuances within those color realms. For example, navy blue and dark blue can look alike but have subtle differences. You should also consider the nuances of deep colors. 

Your original color option can change from general wear and tear as years pass. Green-gray tones can begin to look khaki over the years, while deep navy becomes blue. Black is unique because it can become a deep gray after some time. Dust and dirt can also impact siding color. 

Monochrome Options 

Some Oswego homeowners who want a dark exterior but do not want everything black can benefit from a monochromatic look. You can opt for black siding with dark bronze window frames and trim. 

Other colors will pop with monochrome, such as the greens in your landscaping and entryway. Some Osego homeowners will also choose a black interior to enhance the natural elements that shine through. 

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Contrasting Colors Brighten Your Home

Black is a blank canvas that matches everything, allowing you to experiment with other colors. Instead of staying with dark tones, you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum with light colors. 

A classic option is black siding with white trim and windows. Windows are the best place to add a touch of color. Try red, blue, or green if you want a bold look. These colors will pop against the black exterior. 

You can have a different color for every window or have just one stand out. Suppose you have a second-floor oval window. You can paint it red and the rest of your windows dark bronze. Your options are endless when pairing window colors with black exteriors. 

Opal Enterprises Can Help With Dark Exteriors

You might believe that black exteriors are a fad, but they have been around for decades. They are making a comeback and are colors that will last the test of time. Your siding is one of the most critical elements of creating your exterior. 

Once you choose your siding, you should find windows to match. Opal Enterprises offers various exterior siding and window options. Visit our showroom to see for yourself.