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  1. Why do You Need Gutters?
  2. New Siding and New Gutters 
  3. Gutters by Ply Gem 
  4. Call The Opal Siding Team Today

You rarely think about maintaining or cleaning your gutters, but they are a critical part of your home’s exterior. Their role is to lead water from your roof to the ground below, so it does not damage your roof. 

You can avoid water damage by having sturdy gutters, dependable siding, and a well-made roof. Your Sugar Grove home deserves the best, and when you get new siding, new gutters are also on the list. 

Why do You Need Gutters?

Rain showers happen periodically, and the water has to go somewhere. The slope of your roof helps the water roll down through the downspout, carrying the water down and away from your home’s structure.

 The splash block is essential to direct the water in a direction that does not damage your home. Aside from your roof, gutters protect your foundation and basement from water damage and flooding. Without gutters, your roof will collect mold, rot, and deteriorate along with other parts of your Sugar Grove home. 

You need gutters to protect your home from flooding and structural damage. Aside from water, leaves and debris can also block gutters, causing other issues. When there is a build-up, water can overflow and damage your siding. 

When a storm comes, your gutters can break and detach from your home, leaving you exposed. You can maintain your gutters by cleaning them periodically. 

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New Siding and New Gutters 

Opal does not offer gutter installation as a stand-alone project, but we offer it with all siding projects. When you install new siding, you will also need new gutters. 

You must ask about new gutters if you are renovating your Sugar Grove home’s exterior. They have many purposes and should not be overlooked. 

Gutters by Ply Gem 

Our preferred manufacturer is Ply Gem because their siding is top in the industry. They also have gutter options available to match your new siding. Seamless Gutters are durable and are made to protect your home for years. 

Ply Gem uses an aluminum coil for durability against the climate and other dangerous conditions. Ply Gem also has gutter hangers for a seamless system. There are 21 standard colors, so you can get the same color throughout. 

Aluminum is easily customizable and high quality with different coil thickness options. They are low maintenance, so you can enjoy your home and not worry about extreme care. The strength features also offer resistance against dents and everyday wear and tear. Aluminum is eco-friendly because it is recyclable and sustainable. 

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Call The Opal Siding Team Today

Many benefits come with working with Opal Enterprises for your siding project. Your siding makes up most of your home’s exterior, and you must ensure it is sturdy and can protect you against the elements. 

Sugar Grove homeowners must work with knowledgeable contractors affiliated with top-notch manufacturers. Opal is the perfect contractor for all of your Sugar Grove remodeling needs. Speak to the Opal team at one of our showrooms for more information about your siding and gutters.