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Collecting Window-Door Estimates for Your Home

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  1. Pushy Salespeople
  2. Unprofessionalism 
  3. No-Shows
  4. Dealing With an Uneducated Sales Rep 
  5. The Opal Experience 

When you need to upgrade your windows and doors, you will need to find a contractor who is within your budget and is professional. What often happens to Chicagoland homeowners is they are confronted with pushy salespeople and contractors who do not show up when they say they will. 

You expect an inevitable frustration for home renovation projects like mess and noise. What you do not want is to become frustrated when looking for estimates and fees. Opal Enterprises offers a different approach to customer satisfaction. We do not wish homeowners to suffer these frustrations and will work every step of the way to ensure you do not. 

Pushy Salespeople

The goal of some salespeople is to close a deal, even at the expense of the homeowner. They do not weigh out what the best option is for you. They don’t want you to take your time and check out other contractors; they aim to get you to make a commitment and a deposit immediately. 

Pushy salespeople are a red flag because their concern is getting as many clients and money as possible. Opal team members care about your project and will not push you into a project you are uncomfortable with. Opal Enterprises’ goal is to find the best solution for your home. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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When collecting estimates for your home remodeling project, you want a professional contractor. The first impression of a contractor is when you make the initial phone call. When the salesperson on the other line is rude and dismissive, it makes the experience frustrating since you only want to make an appointment. 

When you call Opal, you will get top-tier professionalism. The team member you talk to on the phone is kind, interested in your project, and helps you achieve your goals. When we speak on the phone, we ensure we get to know our potential customers and are aware of what they need. 


Your time is valuable. When you make an appointment and the contractor is a no-show, it is unprofessional and shows how important your project is to the company. 

The Opal team shows up when they say they will because your time and home are our top priorities. We will not keep you waiting. If plans must change, we stay in communication to ensure everyone is on the same page.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Dealing With an Uneducated Sales Rep 

When you speak to a sales rep, you gather information about the windows and doors products and services. Some sales reps do not understand the product they sell because they have no education about it. Opal works with a handful of manufacturers, and our entire team takes special training to ensure we know everything about the products we work with. 

The Opal Experience 

Working with Opal is unlike working with any other contractor in the Chicago area. Opal Enterprises strive to make our clients comfortable and educate them on their options. We offer a range of window and door options you can see hands-on at our Des Plaines showroom

When you work with Opal, you are treated like a member of our family at all times. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.