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Estimates and Fees

What can we help you find today?

Most estimates are free. In some cases, a service fee will apply.

We sometimes charge a small estimation fee to cover the costs of more detailed evaluations. Our proposals are extremely detailed. If your home has sustained damage or may have concerning underlying issues, then we’ll need a closer look. In these situations there will be a standard home inspection fee based on the level of inspection. You’ll receive a detailed proposal and evaluation, which is your to keep regardless of whether or not you choose our services. If you do choose to partner with Opal, then the inspection fee will be deducted from the project total. This is for your benefit to make sure issues are addressed and the project is a success!

If you are planning a renovation a home you already own, then you probably qualify for a Free Estimate!


Here’s when we charge a fee for an estimate:


Small Repairs and/or Storm Damage Inspection – $150

  • This is the fee that we put in place if a homeowner wants an estimator out to their home to check for storm damage or get a small repair.
  • This homeowner has not contacted their insurance company to start a claim or had an insurance adjuster out to the home, is unaware of any damage, and/or has no intention of replacing the siding/roof without an approved claim.
  • This fee is in place when the homeowner states “I have no clue if I have damage and can someone just come out and check for me”.


When you are buying/selling a home – $450

  • We understand that when you are purchasing or selling a home, there might be concerns about the home’s current windows, siding or roof. Maybe you see this yourself or maybe your home inspector has notified you of some concern areas. It is natural to want to learn what improvement costs are so you might negotiate your purchase/selling price before going to the closing table.
  • Understand that project proposals take our team 4 to 20+ hours to put together for your home. We are looking for solutions for you and educating you on your options. Remodeling is a partnership that takes time!
  • When you need a quick price to take to the closing table, you are likely not calling 3-5 contractors to come bid the project like you would when you are ready to really consider remodeling…you might just be calling the first contractor you find and asking them for their time.
  • $450 ensure that Opal provides you with an unbiased, fair improvement/replacement cost. The 15-page+ proposal is yours to keep and use as you wish!


If you sign a contract with Opal for your evaluated project, then the $450 investment is credited OFF your contract (essentially making your proposal free)


If your home has poorly installed siding by another contractor or a builder – $450

  • There are times when you have a home that you are suspicious of poor or faulty installation of your home’s  James Hardie Fiber Cement (it has to be installed correctly or you will have issues!). If you are trying to recoup from a contractor or a builder, you might need a 3rd part to verify the findings.
  • We know the James Hardie installation manual inside and out and we can provide you a detailed report showing your home’s sore spots. This 20+ page report is yours to keep and it is unbiased.