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Why Choose Stucco Siding in Illinois? Why Choose Our Company for Stucco Siding in Illinois? How do We Install Stucco Siding in Illinois? Can You Add Stucco Siding to Your House? Can You Personalize Your Stucco Siding in Illinois? What does Stucco Installation Cost in Illinois? Does Stucco Installation Take a Long Time in Illinois? Is Stucco Siding Covered by a Warranty? Contact Us for Help with Stucco Installation in Illinois

Stucco siding gives your property the timeless look of stucco with the increased durability of fiber cement paneling. In addition, this form of siding can resist water and the elements. If you’re interested in stucco siding, you can contact our professional team at Opal Enterprises.

You can start working with an installation contractor when you contact us. Our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians have the equipment, experience, and training to renovate your property or assist with new construction.

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Why Choose Stucco Siding in Illinois?

Stucco, a type of cement, has an appearance and texture that resembles plaster. People have used stucco as a covering for their homes for thousands of years. However, stucco can be messy to install or challenging to maintain correctly.

Stucco siding addresses these issues. Manufacturers use fiber cement to create siding panels that resemble stucco while offering you the following:

High Degree of Durability

Stucco siding offers resistance to temperature, water, and glare. It can handle cold temperatures for an extended period of time before it shows any signs of damage and can insulate your home, decreasing your energy expenses.

Aesthetic Appeal

Many people find stucco siding eye-catching. Stucco siding has a flawless texture that deals well with scuffs and bumps when appropriately applied. In addition, the material handles weathering well, often requiring minimal repairs to maintain its appearance.

Increased Longevity

Stucco siding can last for decades. The fiber cement used in production resists the damage generally associated with cracking, swelling, and mold growth.

Long-Lasting Color

James Hardie – a manufacturer that creates stucco siding – uses ColorPlus technology for these products. The UV-resistant technology can prevent fading for 15 years, keeping your home looking great over the long term.

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Why Choose Our Company for Stucco Siding in Illinois?

Our Opal Enterprises team stands ready to assist with stucco siding installation in Illinois. We have years of industry experience, allowing us to handle a wonderful remodeling experience for clients like you.

We work with highly trained technicians and utilize professional-grade equipment to handle the installation process. Furthermore, we provide you with the following:

  • Quick estimates regarding the cost of stucco installation
  • A five-year labor warranty for stucco installation
  • Excellent customer service and a focus on open communication

You can learn more about how we handle services in Illinois by contacting a stucco siding contractor today. We take your needs seriously, focusing on your renovation goals and bringing them to life with stucco siding installation.

How do We Install Stucco Siding in Illinois?

When you contact us to schedule a stucco installation, we’ll begin the process by allowing you to speak with a consultant about your goals and style preferences. Then, we can visit your property to assess your needs in further detail.

Once we understand what you’re looking for, we will devise a plan to handle the installation. Then, we’ll present you with our proposal for the installation and move forward with the process once you give us your approval.

Our highly trained crews install the stucco siding and clean up, returning your property to excellent condition. After clean-up, a project manager will provide you with a final walkthrough, providing additional information about your new stucco siding.

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Can You Add Stucco Siding to Your House?

Some property owners consider handling stucco siding installation on their own. While you can add stucco siding to your home or business without professional assistance, it can result in issues with the end result.

Additionally, the stucco siding requires specialized tools, making a DIY project more expensive. Finally, the process often takes significant time without professional training.

You can rely on a professional stucco siding installation contractor to handle your needs when contacting our Opal Enterprises team.

Can You Personalize Your Stucco Siding in Illinois?

Working with a professional stucco siding installation contractor gives you a wide range of options. Our team at Opal Enterprises is an Elite Preferred Jame Hardie Contractor, giving us access to the full range of their exterior products, including stucco siding.

James Hardie provides vertical siding panels with a stucco finish in two collections: the Statement Collection and the Cream Collection. The company also offers panels primed to receive paint, allowing you to further customize your home.

Both collections have a range of colors for you to choose from, allowing you to go with a traditional or contemporary appearance with your stucco siding.

Customize Your Home’s Appearance in Illinois

We can help you customize the look of your stucco siding with trim, fascia, soffit, and crown molding. In addition, we handle the installation of all of these exterior features, which can change the look of the stucco siding on your home.

You can also vary the materials you use to cover the exterior of your property. For example, some property owners only use stucco siding for accents, using brick or traditional siding for the rest of the property.

We can discuss these options when you contact us. We work quickly to provide you with a consultation regarding stucco siding installation.

What does Stucco Installation Cost in Illinois?

The cost of installing stucco siding in Illinois varies. The size of your property can influence the cost of the job. We provide fast estimates for the project cost, allowing you to budget effectively for the renovation work.

Can You Finance Stucco Installation in Illinois?

We understand the expenses associated with stucco siding installation and want to make the process as easy as possible. In addition, we assist clients by offering financing options that can help you pay for your project.

When you turn to us for financing help, you don’t have to worry about application fees or closing costs. Additionally, the bank we work with does not charge pre-payment penalties, making getting funds for your remodeling project easier.

Does Stucco Installation Take a Long Time in Illinois?

The time to handle Illinois stucco siding installation can vary. In many cases, the timeframe depends on the challenges of removing your previous siding and the location of your property.

However, the exact time may also vary based on the size of your property. We’ll provide you with a more precise time estimate after you speak with one of our stucco siding installation consultants to discuss the project.

Is Stucco Siding Covered by a Warranty?

Warranty options for your stucco siding vary based on the company that manufactures the siding. James Hardie, for example, provides a 30-year warranty that covers the siding for decades.

James Hardie even allows you to transfer the warranty for your stucco siding to a new homeowner if you move.

However, to ensure the company honors the warranty, make sure that you use a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor company, like Opal Enterprises.

We Also Offer a Workmanship Warranty

Our team at Opal Enterprises can provide you with a five-year workmanship warranty on the stucco siding we install in Illinois. We stand behind the work we perform in Illinois, proudly guaranteeing the job.

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