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Mastic Vinyl Siding

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  1. Why Select Mastic Vinyl Siding?
  2. Does Mastic Vinyl Siding Have Multiple Options?
  3. How Much does Mastic Vinyl Siding Cost?
  4. How Long does It Take to Install Mastic Vinyl Siding?
  5. Why Speak to Us About Siding Installation?
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Are you interested in replacing the siding on your home in Illinois? You have many siding options to choose from during the remodeling process, including Mastic vinyl siding produced by Ply Gem. 

Our team at Opal Enterprises offers you professional assistance from a siding installation team. We can help you review all your options, finding the brand, style, and color that meets all your needs. 

You can learn more about your renovation choices by calling or filling out our online contact form.

Why Select Mastic Vinyl Siding?

Property owners in Chicago and surrounding areas often select Mastic vinyl siding. This brand of siding provides you with several benefits. You may choose this brand due to its: 


Ply Gem engineers Mastic vinyl siding to be impact resistant and withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds, rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Mastic Vinyl siding requires very little maintenance compared to wood siding. Just occasional washing is needed to keep it looking like new.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl siding provides insulation for your home, helping reduce energy costs. Mastic siding can also lower air infiltration.

Wide Range of Customization Options

Ply Gem offers Mastic vinyl siding in a wide range of styles, textures, and colors to match any architectural style. 

Cost Effective Pricing

Vinyl siding costs less upfront compared to wood, brick, or fiber cement sidings while providing great durability long-term.

With its combination of durability, low-maintenance requirements, customization options, and affordability, Mastic vinyl siding can be a great choice for many homes. 

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Does Mastic Vinyl Siding Have Multiple Options?

Ply Gem offers a range of product lines featuring Mastic vinyl siding, allowing you to make the best selection for your home. Mastic vinyl siding can handle high heat, strong winds, and everyday wear and tear. 

Depending on your preferences, you may select: 

Carvedwood•44 Mastic Vinyl Siding

The Carvedwood•44 style has become a popular choice for home remodeling projects due to the wide selection of colors offered by Ply Gem. This vinyl siding option also comes at the optimal thickness for many projects. 

Mill Creek® Mastic Vinyl Siding

Mill Creek® siding options give your home the beauty of natural wood paired with the low maintenance requirements of Mastic vinyl siding.

Quest® Mastic Vinyl Siding

The Quest® line of vinyl siding focuses on a tougher design and Ply Gem manufactured to handle the high winds associated with tornadoes and other storms. 

Western Extreme™ Mastic Vinyl Siding

You can select Western Extreme™ Mastic vinyl siding if you’re interested in an option with extra protection from rapid changes in temperature and damage caused by infrared light. This option is popular in mountainous areas. 

Cedar Discovery® Mastic Vinyl Siding

The Cedar Discovery® line of Mastic vinyl siding gives you the appearance of shingle siding while avoiding the hassle associated with traditional wooden shingle siding. You won’t have to spend time painting, staining, or replacing this kind of siding. 

Charleston Beaded™ Mastic Vinyl Siding

Ply Gem also offers Charleston Beaded™ Mastic vinyl siding. This line draws on the classic look of clapboard siding in a low-maintenance vinyl material. 

You can also consider Ovation and Eclipse product lines. Find out more by contacting us to discuss all your options. 

How Much does Mastic Vinyl Siding Cost?

The cost of Mastic vinyl siding can vary quite a bit depending on the specific style, thickness, and quality grade you choose. You can expect different prices for:

  • Basic or Economy Grade
  • Standard or Builder Grade
  • Premium or Architectural Grade

In addition to the grade, the cost is also affected by the siding’s:

  • Profile
  • Thickness
  • Accessories
  • Color

Installation factors may also influence the cost of your Mastic vinyl siding. For example, the removal of existing siding, multi-story work, and custom fabrication can all increase the cost of the job. We can provide a quote for your job when you hire us for renovations. 

Our team offers financing options that make budgeting for your installation project easier. 

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How Long does It Take to Install Mastic Vinyl Siding?

The total installation time for your Mastic vinyl siding project can vary based on several factors. When estimating the time for a project, we consider: 

  • The scope of the work
  • The layout and size of your home
  • The siding style you want
  • The size of our crew

The weather and prep work required before installation can also impact the total time it takes to finish renovations in Chicago and surrounding areas. We can provide more specific information when you contact us about your remodeling goals. 

Why Speak to Us About Siding Installation?

Our team at Opal Enterprises has extensive experience installing siding in Illinois. We have the experience, training, and equipment to quickly complete the installation process, and we focus on your specific goals, striving to ensure you have a great remodeling experience. 

Our vinyl siding installation team can help you select the right siding for your home. We back our siding installation projects with a five-year workmanship warranty, demonstrating our confidence in our abilities as a remodeling company. 

We can also help with the installation of new windows and doors in your property in Chicago and surrounding areas. We’re standing by to answer your questions and assign a project manager to help with all aspects of your remodeling needs. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Mastic Vinyl Siding

Our team at Opal Enterprises can provide you with additional information about Mastic vinyl siding and other options manufactured by Ply Gem. We’re ready to share our experience with you. You can contact our design team to go over your next steps. 

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