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James Hardie HardieWrap Weather Barrier

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  2. What Weather Barrier Products Does James Hardie Make?
  3. What Are the Benefits of James Hardie Weather Barrier Products?
  4. Can You Install James Hardie Weather Barriers on Your Own?
  5. Why Hire Us to Install HardieWrap Weather Barriers?
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Planning a home renovation project in Illinois involves more than selecting the style and color of siding you want. You must also consider products that protect your home from the elements and moisture, like James Hardie HardieWrap Weather Barriers. 

Our team at Opal Enterprises has access to all James Hardie products, and we utilize them when handling siding replacement and remodeling jobs in Illinois. Contact us to learn more about this product line and how it helps protect your home. 

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Why Use James Hardie Weather Barrier Products?

We recommend HardieWrap and other James Hardie Weather Barrier products for several key reasons. These products have:

A High Level of Moisture Protection

James Hardie engineers its weather barrier products to create a water-resistive barrier that protects your home from bulk water intrusion. This process can prevent moisture damage.

Air Infiltration Reduction Properties

A James Hardie weather barrier can seal gaps and joints around the exterior of your home to reduce air leaks, making the house more energy efficient and keeping you more comfortable throughout the year. 

High Levels of Durability

James Hardie uses high-quality, durable building materials for all its weather barrier products. The company specifically designed and tested the products to optimize weather protection and meet building code requirements.

A Comprehensive System

James Hardie offers a wide selection of wraps, tapes, adhesives, and accessories to protect your home. These products work with a variety of exterior claddings and wall systems. They provide commercial-level protection and exceed the standards of conventional home wraps.

Using James Hardie brand weather barrier products gives homeowners and builders confidence that the home exterior will receive effective protection from moisture and air leakage for reduced maintenance and energy savings. 

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What Weather Barrier Products Does James Hardie Make?

James Hardie offers a complete line of weather barrier products for homes, including:

HardieWrap® Weather Barrier

HardieWrap® Weather Barrier is a high-performance house wrap with superior weather resistance and breathable fiber technology. It keeps water out but allows water vapor to escape, boosting your home’s energy efficiency. 

HardieWrap® Flex Flashing

James Hardie manufactures flexible flashing tape that seals around windows, doors, and wall penetrations. This product stretches easily and can keep air and water out of your home in Illinois.

HardieWrap® Seam Tape

James Hardie seam tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used to seal seams and joints in HardieWrap.

HardieWrap® Pro-Flashing

James Hardie pro-flashing uses a butyl rubber adhesive that peels easily and sticks into place around doors and windows. This weather barrier seals quickly around fasteners, protecting your home. 

What Are the Benefits of James Hardie Weather Barrier Products?

HardieWrap weather barriers and other protective products from James Hardie can prevent the following: 

  • Mildew and mold growth
  • Water damage
  • Energy loss

These products outperform competitors when it comes to tear resistance, air penetration resistance, and water holdout. Additionally, James Hardie weather barriers have a high fire rating, offering a layer of security in the event of a fire. 

Furthermore, James Hardie avoids components that can reduce the adhesion of weather barriers over time, including: 

  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Solvents
  • Asphalts 

These products boast UV stability that can last up to 180 days. However, you should work with a renovation company that properly stores and handles the products before installation. 

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Can You Install James Hardie Weather Barriers on Your Own?

Generally, professional construction and remodeling companies handle weather barrier installation in Chicago and surrounding areas. These professional companies can install weather barriers correctly, increasing the protection of your home. 

Our team at Opal Enterprises understands where to use each kind of flashing, giving you the best results after a renovation. We know how to use James Hardie self-sealing flashing and handle the application carefully to ensure maximum protection. 

Why Hire Us to Install HardieWrap Weather Barriers?

Our team earned the status of an Elite Preferred James Hardie installation contractor. James Hardie awards this status to companies that display a high level of customer service and professionalism. 

As an Elite Preferred contractor, we have access to all James Hardie products and receive training on best practices for installation. We can effectively install James Hardie weather barriers while taking care of siding installation in Illinois. 

We handle all aspects of siding replacement in Chicago and surrounding areas, helping you pick the style and colors of your siding and scheduling installation at times that work best for you. We can remove your old siding, install weather barriers, and place your new siding. 

How Much does HardieWrap Cost?

The cost for James Hardie HardieWrap Weather Barrier and other protective products can depend on the size of your renovation project and other factors. You may only need certain weather barriers to protect your home, which could change the cost of the project. 

Our team can provide a fast quote for the entirety of your renovation project. We maintain open communication and will answer questions about the breakdown of prices for different products involved in the remodeling project. 

Keep in mind that our team offers financing options that can make it easier to budget for your siding replacement project in Illinois. Our financing partner doesn’t charge application fees and has no prepayment penalties. 

Contact Us for Information About James Hardie’s Weather Barriers

Are you interested in learning more about James Hardie HardieWrap Weather Barrier and other protective products? Our team at Opal Enterprises can provide you with more information and discuss the products you need for siding remodeling projects in Illinois. 

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