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What Is the Best Order to Install Items? Siding First? Windows First? Roof First?

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  1. Step One: The Roof
  2. Step Two: Windows and Doors
  3. Step Three: The Siding 
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Many homeowners across the Chicagoland area wait for the spring to begin home remodeling projects. But the biggest question they often have is what projects to start first—the roof, windows, doors, or siding. 

There is an ideal order if you must accomplish all these projects. However, when you only need one or two of these items replaced, the order may not be perfect. You should speak with Opal Enterprises to find the best solution. 

Step One: The Roof

One of the biggest exterior home remodeling projects is replacing the roof. While it is aesthetically pleasing, it is also a great way to increase energy efficiency and comfort. 

When your Des Plaines roof has a leak or other damage, it can make the interior of your home very uncomfortable. Your child’s room may need rearranging, so you can place a bucket under all the leaks. No one wants to live with the fear of avoiding a storm. 

Additionally, when there is an issue with the roof, it will affect the overall temperature of the home. Your home’s temperature control system will work harder to try and maintain your desired temperature. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Step Two: Windows and Doors

The second step in remodeling your home is to focus on the windows and doors. Aside from a new look and feel to your home, you get other benefits from new windows. 

The most crucial benefit of new windows and doors is the provided air seal. When your windows are old or damaged, they allow air to leak out. You are essentially providing air conditioning to the neighborhood. Your home is releasing more air into the world than your home. 

Depending on where you live in Chicago, it can get pretty noisy outside your home. When you replace your windows, it eliminates the noise pollution in your home. 

Step Three: The Siding 

The last step on your home remodeling journey is to work on the siding. Curb appeal relies on your siding. It is the first thing passers-by see. 

Aside from upgrading your curb appeal, siding projects also help fix structural damage. It can be underneath the surface even if you cannot see the damage. An additional benefit of replacing your siding is energy efficiency improvements. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Call a Des Plaines Exterior Remodeling Contractor Today

For exterior remodels and installations, our Des Plaines location is top tier. Spring offers the ideal weather for homeowners to complete home renovation projects. While there is an ideal order, we understand that doing things in this order is not always possible. 

Additionally, your home may not need to replace all these essentials. The reason behind the order is to ensure that nothing else in your home sustains damage from another renovation project. Opal Enterprises works with homeowners to ensure there is no other damage to the property when we are working on one project. 

Visit our Des Plaines showroom to meet with someone on our sales team, or contact Opal Enterprises so that we can explain your options.