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Should I Be Home During a Remodeling Project?



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  1. Keep Communication Open
  2. What to Expect in a Downers Grove Remodeling Project
  3. What Does the Timeline Look Like?
  4. Do You Need to Stay Home?
  5. Opal Enterprises Is Your Trusted Home Remodeling Team

Remodeling projects can uproot your routine for days or weeks. And it is common for homeowners to wonder how the remodeling process works and if they need to stay on the property throughout the entire process. 

Living in or moving out temporarily becomes a concern. While you may want to stay home for your remodeling project, that is not always possible. You may have work or school to attend. And while you may have vacation time available, you may run out if the project exceeds the initial timeline. 

Keep Communication Open

When you cannot stay on the premises, you must ensure that the lines of communication are open with Opal Enterprises. Many projects will go off without a hitch, but if something does occur, the crew will stop until they get your go-ahead. Being available will also allow you to ask any questions you may have. 

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What to Expect in a Downers Grove Remodeling Project

Depending on the project you have, the process can look different. However, the basic timeline will be similar. Materials will arrive a day or two beforehand. 

Day one will consist of crews setting up workstations. Next, they will begin to remove the windows or siding. Many teams will work simultaneously on removing one window and installing the replacement window. The team will also test the windows. 

Once the crew is in a groove, the rest of the job will be smooth. At the end of the project, the space will be cleared and cleaned. Again, the home remodeling process will vary slightly depending on your construction project. 

What Does the Timeline Look Like?

Timelines will look different for every project, and you should confirm the length of your project with your company representative. The project start date will be weeks from when you sign off on everything to allow you the time to make the appropriate arrangements. 

You must address any special requests and considerations with the crew leader before the project begins and do a walk-through on the first day. 

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Do You Need to Stay Home?

You do not need to stay home but should try to stay onsite the first day or two to ensure that the crew is set up and you are comfortable. It may also depend on the remodeling project in Downers Grove you are starting. If your home is getting new siding or a roof, it is unlikely that the crew will ever need to enter your home. 

The windows and doors projects are different. While much of the remodeling work is done on the house’s exterior, the interior is also exposed. While the crew will not intentionally damage your property, there is a possibility that during a window replacement, items can fall off the wall. 

If there are specific areas of concern, ask the crew leader or project manager to do these areas of your home while you are present. 

Opal Enterprises Is Your Trusted Home Remodeling Team

When you are ready to start a remodeling project, contact Opal Enterprises in Downers Grove, IL. While we encourage homeowners to be part of the remodeling process, you must allow crew members the space to complete the project. Stay within hearing distance so that you can answer immediately if the crew leader needs you for anything.