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Cost VS Value Report

Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass)$3,437$2,67077.7%
Entry Door Replacement (steel)$1,522$1,589104.4%
Manufactured Stone Veneer$7,940$8,300104.5%
Roofing Replacement$26,684$15,54458.3%
Siding Replacement$17,901$12,74871.2%
Window Replacement (vinyl)$14,725$10,79473.30%
Window Replacement (wood)$18,087$13,05072.10%
Grand Entrance$8,678$6,124 70.6%
Window Replacement (vinyl)$17,096 $12,11870.9%
Window Replacement (wood)$20,309$13,93468.6%

The costs used in the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report are based on itemized estimates. When comparing the data in this report to actual remodeling costs in our Chicagoland area (East North Central, and then choose Chicago), small differences in the size or scope of a project, or in the quality of finishes and accessories the homeowner chooses, can dramatically affect the price.

Remodeling Magazine is a respected publication that periodically publishes articles about which home improvements are the best and what they cost. The Cost vs. Value Report is their own evaluation of which home improvements are best for today’s homeowners based on a variety of criteria, including Return On Investment (ROI).

Return On Investment is essentially a comparison of the difference between what you pay for specific remodeling products and projects and how much the value of your home increases once installation is completed.