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Windows & Doors With Blinds – What is The Warranty?

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Window Options from Opal Enterprises Internal Blind Colors Glass Options Galore Ten-Year Blind Unit Warranty Ten-Year Workmanship Warranty Opal Enterprises Partners With ProVia

Blinds are necessary for your home, but cleaning and maintaining them can be a hassle. An alternative option from ProVia Windows is installing internal blinds. These blinds are custom fit to every window and are made of sturdy aluminum. 

They are ideal in bedrooms and bathrooms, but you can install them anywhere. Internal blinds have many benefits and also have warranty options. For your Naperville internal blinds, speak to Opal Enterprises.

Window Options from Opal Enterprises

When designing the window that works best for you, knowing which window options can have internal blinds is essential. The most popular ProVia window options are:

  • Picture: works well on a farmhouse, cape cod, and modern-style homes. 
  • Slider: colonial, cape cod, farmhouse, and craftsman styles 
  • Double hung: works excellent on colonial, cape cod, farmhouse, craftsman, victorian, and Tudor homes 
  • Casement & Awning: looks excellent on craftsman, colonial, modern, farmhouse, Tudor, and victorian  

Naperville homeowners can find a style that works well for them and their homes. You get the convenience of internal windows and a great aesthetic choice that fits your home. 

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Internal Blind Colors

Having window style options is only one aspect of your internal blind options. You must also decide on the right color for your home. The Aspect window blinds come in white and no other choice. However, Endure and Series windows come in the following five colors:

  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Silver
  • White
  • Champagne 

These are neutral colors that can mesh well with any home interior. You can establish a lovely flow and take advantage of the features between-the-glass blinds offer.

Glass Options Galore

One final aspect you can choose is the window glass. You can increase your curb appeal and have beautiful windows as well. You can choose from clear or privacy glass. There is also:

  • Art glass
  • Window grids
  • Tinted glass
  • Decorative glass

The glass type has aesthetic and practical benefits for homeowners to get a custom look and comfortable feel. Combine what works for you for the best fit. 

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Ten-Year Blind Unit Warranty

After you choose all your window options, you will have them installed and think you are done. However, you must also consider how the warranty available will impact your purchase. ProVia has a ten-year blind unit warranty. If there is a seal failure or material defect, you can rest assured that there is a solution within your warranty. 

Ten-Year Workmanship Warranty

Opal prides itself on our workmanship, and we want to ensure that if Naperville homeowners run into any issues with their windows, they have solutions. 

Starting on the date of installation, you get a ten-year workmanship warranty. We can repair or replace any damage that may have been caused to your window due to a craftsmanship issue. 

Opal Enterprises Partners With ProVia

You can rest assured you are getting the highest quality product and service with Opal and ProVia. We are an official window and door dealer and installer, working with ProVia products for years. We offer discounts and financing options for your window installation. Visit the Naperville showroom to see for yourself.